25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas on a Budget!

A 25th anniversary is an immense achievement and an incredible reason to celebrate. Well, throwing away the party of the year can be expensive and may not be doable for everybody. For those with a restricted budget, the occasion may not be as grand, however, with proper planning and arrangements, it's anything but difficult to keep the guests engaged and entertained without spending too much. So, without any further ado, let’s get on with the 25th wedding anniversary party ideas.

25th Anniversary Ideas

1. Invitations

While there are different styles of invitations that you can buy, making invitations for a 25th anniversary party doesn't need to be hard. Utilize a thick, white paper to print the venue and time on. To make the invitations look lavish, utilize an eye-catching content in silver lettering. Incorporate the names of the visitors of respect, the date, time, venue of the party and details for guests to RSVP. To customize the invitations, incorporate an image of the couple who is celebrating their 25th anniversary.


2. Layer Twinkle Lights Under White Linens

Twinkling lights are a lovely accent to silver decorations. Layered under white tablecloths, they include an unobtrusive shine that makes a shimmering atmosphere. If you are facilitating the celebrations outside, you can wrap LED lights around plants and trees in the garden to make a similar impact. You likely have a couple of sets of white Christmas lights in the home storage and if not, they can be easily borrowed from your friends.

Twinkle Lights

3. Food and Drinks

Taking care of the food and wine requirements of many individuals on a tight budget can be difficult. Anyways, picking up a buffet-style dinner will help limit the expense. Order cheese and meat trays so the guests can make sandwiches. Vegetable plate, fruit plate, and chips and snacks are other low-cost choices for food. To hold the expense of beverages down, go with cold drinks and soda. If you want to serve alcoholic beverages, serving beer pitchers is more affordable than making vodka shots.

Food and Drinks

4. Delightful Cake

Well, the celebrations definitely deserve a 25th Anniversary cakes and for that you can order a perfect cake online at an affordable price. Choose the cake size according to the audience and buy cakes like designer cakes or photo cakes. You can either order a 2-Tier or 3-Tier special cake of large size or can go for multiple cakes with small size. The cakes will definitely win the heart of the guests and will act as a center of attraction for the party!

Delightful Cake

5.A Special Slideshow

Well, we all can agree that a party is no fun without any visuals, right? So, if you or anyone in your home is creative with computers, then collect all the photographs and videos of the past 25 years of the couple and make a great video with retro old classic music in the background. It will make the party more happening and will also give the opportunity to guests to dance on the songs. Likewise, you can also create a big poster album by getting the photographs sorted in it with the tags like “Then and Now” photographs. Display it on a board for more engagement of the guests.

A Special Slideshow

6. Lots of Fun Games

Afterall, it is a celebration and there should be smiles all over the faces of the guests. Fun games are the key to making the anniversary celebrations more exciting and memorable. Surely there are a lot of games that can be organised easily. Some 25th wedding anniversary ideas for games include Dumb Charades, truth or dare, guessing the song, blindfold games, and so on. You can make the game more interesting if you have a mic with you.

Fun Games

7. Party Props?

Well, one of the most affordable ways to decorate the party venue and make it selfie perfect is to fill in party props. You can easily make party props at home with cardboard and papers using your creativity and browsing for DIY party props ideas on the web. Surely Instagram and Snapchat will be full of your party venue videos and snaps!

Party Props

8. Colourful Flowers

Another affordable way to add charm to the anniversary celebrations. You can easily get flowers from your garden or you can buy a few flowers online to decorate the venue with blooming blooms. Choose a variety of mixed flowers like roses, lilies, orchids, carnations, etc. and your guests will be in for a heavenly experience.

Colourful Flowers

So, these were some of the ideas for 25th wedding anniversary to keep it under budget without spoiling the fun. It is a milestone in anyone’s life and if it’s your celebrations or your loved ones’, make sure to fill the special day with happiness and joy!