Why are fondant cakes ruling the market?

Everyone will agree that cakes can never go wrong for the celebrations. Be it a birthday or wedding; cakes have always been the touch of merriment and deliciousness in the celebrations. With time and advancement, cakes also found their way to modernization. And now fondant cakes are ruling the market like a king.

Fondant Cake

But how did the fondant icing cakes take over the cream cakes and why are they a trend today?

Well, the difference and that single element lie in the appearance.

In the present day scenario or the cake market, bakers are conspicuously focused on decorating the cakes in such a way that would eventually attract anyone to buy them. That outer covering of the cake used to make it more appealing and eye-catchy is called “fondant.”

1. But, what actually is fondant?

Fondant or fondant icing, precisely, is an icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, vegetable fat or shortening, and glycerol. This edible substance has a very smooth & silky texture which makes it a trendy material to decorate cakes. It can be made in any colour such as white fondant, brown fondant, green fondant or any other colour. And it can be done by adding food colour or by adding artificial flavours, the colour of fondant icing can be changed easily.

Fondant cakes are not baked with a different procedure; actually, there is no fondant thing in a cake in the baking process. The fondant icing comes in the limelight when it comes to decorating the cake after it is baked.

There are many different ways to use fondant icing, which depends on the requirements. There are cakes with just sculptures and some little bit use of fondant over them, and there are cakes which are wholly covered with fondant icing.

And, you know what? Playing with fondant to give a beautiful look to the cake is an art. It requires skill, practice, and dexterity with hands. This is also one of the reasons that fondant cakes are ruling the market as they require time and expertise. Fondant cutters are used to craft different types of shapes from the icing, and it's like working with a thin paintbrush to create a masterpiece.

But, there is one thing with the fondant that is very sweet in taste which can overdo the taste of fluffs beneath it.

Types of Fondant

Rolled Fondant

When rolled, the outer surface of the cake appears to be smooth, silky, and iced. The pretty bows and colourful flowers are made using this rolled fondant. Rolled fondants are also used to cover up the whole cake. That's the beauty of the fondant making process which renders the desired result and shape. If kept in a proper airtight container, rolled fondant can stay up for 2 months.

Rolled Fondant

Poured Fondant

Poured fondant icing is basically a thick liquid and mostly poured upon pastries and cakes. Many bakers around the world use poured fondant icing. The best part is it can easily be prepared at home. It comprises water, sugar, and corn syrup. The cover created by it has a smooth, shiny surface. After being poured over a cake, it gets a semi-hard smooth surface.

Poured Fondant

To say the least, it's the benefit of fondant which allows bakers to prepare cakes in different designs and that's what attracts the customers. Every day the number of people who buy fondant cakes is increasing, and it is purely justified. Fondant cakes deserve every bit of their popularity, and we believe that they will never go out of fashion.

"If only I had a chance to get a wish from Genie, I will ask for a land of fondant cakes."

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