The top 5 gift ideas to impress your boyfriend

Finding that perfect gift for your boyfriend is a tough choice these days. With adverts for every useless product under the sun in your face at all times of day it is easy to get confused about what to buy your partner.

The top 5 gift ideas to impress your boyfriend

What is it that boys actually want anyway?

Look socks, undies and ties are all useful presents and the guys will certainly appreciate the fact that they do not need to go out and buy them themselves. but if this is the year you really want to impress your boyfriend then we suggest you look at buying the gift of an adventure experience!

There are literally thousands of different adventure experiences that could be gifted and by shopping this way you are sure to find something perfect for your boyfriend.

Below are the 10 most popular gift idea to impress your boyfriend:

1. V8 Car Hot Lap

It is no secret that boys love their toys and what toys did most of them have as kids? Toy cars of course.

V8 Car Hot Lap

Why not make that childhood dream become a reality with real V8 cars driving at incredible speeds around some of the world's best tracks. Most race tracks do offer these tours and they can range from 2 laps to up to 20 laps in some places.

2. Rally Car Drive

Similar to the V8 hot laps, as in it's an experience with a car but so different in many ways.

Rally Car Drive

Rally car drives offer jumps, unpredictable twists and turns as well as offers some heart pumping adrenaline coursing through the veins.

3. Jet Plane Rides

This adventure gift idea is not for the faint hearted but for those boyfriends who love speed, heights and extreme sports will absolutely love this experience.

Jet Plane Rides

These planes hit incredible speeds, g-forces and perform aerobatics to make anyone squeal. Even watching from the ground may get the adrenalin pumping too.

4. Skydiving

Another great and extreme gift idea for your boyfriend might be skydive. This is the number 1 extreme sport available on the market and is an experience that will stay with him for a lifetime.


Skydiving is also a great way to bond if you do this together. Surviving a freefall from 14,000 feet together is sure to bring you closer!

5. Jet Boating

Jet boating is a relatively new experience that started in New Zealand that is now taking the world by storm and can be found in just about every city that has water.

Jet Boating

While not all men are ready to jump out of a plane they may be pumped to splash around the waterways at top speeds with all the twists and turns.

As you can see from the list above there are plenty of reasons to buy your partner an extreme and adventure experience but it does not just stop at these 5 gifts for boyfriend. As we have mentioned before there are literally thousands of adventure sports that will give your boyfriend the gift and experience of a lifetime.

Spoil your boyfriend with the perfect adventure gift that will get his heart racing!