Gift Plant Pots to Spark your Relationship

They say marriages are made in heaven and maybe it is true, because otherwise, how can we be compatible with that person, even when we are poles apart?

Okay so, let us get back to companionships and Marriages. Now that you are married, you need to celebrate that day of togetherness in order to relive those 7 wondrous vows, isn’t it? So, please stick on and have a look at some very unique and amazing gifting ideas.

Personalised plant pot for all occasions

WARNING- This is a smog-free blog i.e. we are here to assist you to choose some beautiful plant pot/ jars, especially in this time of the year when we all are breathing death.

1- DIY Can/Bottle Planter

Plant for anniversary gift is something unique and a thoughtful step as well. And this time, make this simple gift more happening by planting the plant in an old glass/alloy bottles/cans, with a fancy touch.

How To Make It

Take an empty glass bottle or a can and paint it or decorate it (better, keep it real for a rusty look). Place your plant in it, with proper manure and fertilizers and maybe, you can add a Green Love Note, to it?

How To Gift

We told you, we’ve got your back! Serve this cute little planter, along with your dinner drink! Unique and perfect anniversary personalised plants pot! We know!

plant for an anniversary gift

2- DIY Casting Palm Planter

Ok, now this is more fun to make and trust us, once you make it, you might get calls to make the same for your friends and family.

How To Make It

Well, we suggest that it would be better if you go with casting artists, as they would make it easy for you. The material required and procedure is best initiated by a professional.

How To Gift

Well, if you made the palm using your hands only, then how about giving it along with the breakfast-on-bed assortment? And is your partner was also involved, then how about going for a gardening date?

DIY casting palm planter

3- DIY Shoe Planter

This one is cute and very interesting thing to make. All you need is an old shoe (pick one that is torn but you both share a nostalgic memory with it).

How To Make It

Start with washing the shoe and letting it dry, to get it free from odor. Take grey cement, make a thick paste of it (a mid of thick and thin) and start covering the shoe with it. Let it dry and pot your plants online purchase in it.

How To Gift

As easy as it sounds, keep the plant in an old shoebox and one of your anniversary personalised gifts is ready, that would surely leave its impact.

DIY shoe planter

4- DIY Mug Planter

Now, you have to agree with the fact that coffee mugs are almost everyone’s favorite, right? And upon that, using a broken but favorite mug is something we all have done. Why not reuse such a mug and make more memories?

How To Make It

Take an old/ broken/ cracked/ or even new mug of your choice. Paint it or decorate it as per your liking and plant a green gem of your partner’s choice. Do not forget to add the fertilizer of your love and a healthy Love Note before wrapping it.

How To Gift

Well, simply slide it before him/her, along with his/her coffee and cookies and let him/her cherish all day long. Who knows, they may take it to their office for their desk decor, to feel your presence all day long?

DIY mug planter

Surprising with a plant gifts for anniversary would be an all-new experience for your partner. Not just your gift would be a budget-friendly one, it would also be a healthier choice as a gift for you both. Also, choose plants that you think would bring more positivity to your marital or love-life. Do not go for thorny pants or the one that may require a lot of care, as you do not want your loved ones to be worried about the care of a gift, all day and night, right? So, go ahead and gift positivity, freshness, and your care to your lovey soulmate, this year.