9 Gifts For A Friend Who Is Planning A Wedding

So, your best friend is about to get hitched! If that doesn’t make you jump with excitement, what will? They are about to start a new chapter of life with an enhanced feature of love and companionship. This awaited event demands a keen eye on details and a whole lot of preparation. That three-hour ceremony that brings tears in everybody’s eyes is the result of months of preparation to keep everything on point. Your friend would be neck-deep in preparations right now and must be feeling exhausted as they have to carry out their daily routine as well while coordinating with everyone via phone and email. Still, all this hard work paves a path that leads to a lifetime of happiness. If you wish to be a part of the journey too, present your buddy with a gift that could help them through the wedding jitters and putting together a fairy tale ceremony.

Gifts For Friend Who Is Planning Wedding

1. The Magazine Subscription

A monthly subscription of bridal magazines could help your friend to move through the preparations seamlessly. These magazines offer help in every possible way to make it easier for the bride-to-be. The head-turning dresses, skincare routine, gift registry, there is so much for her. She will be impressed by how her friend stepped up to make things easier for her.

Magazine Subscription

2. The Touch of Almighty

Every new couple seeks the blessing of the heavenly Father to bless them with prosperity, love, patience, and happiness as they begin the journey of their new life while holding each other’s hand. You could wish them luck and love by presenting them with a God idol which will appeal to their spirituality and might calm their minds too. You can pick such a gift for a friend from any online gift portal.

Touch of Almighty

3. The Wedding Planning Book

A couple comes across a massive number of ideas before finally settling down on one. A wedding planner will allow them to keep a sample of every thought so that they could make an informed decision while choosing the one to execute at the wedding. They don’t have to rely on memories and go back and forth to vendors asking for a trial again.

Wedding Planning Book

4. A Digital Camera

From every flower they like to every amusing cake design at the bakery to all the lovable moments while preparing for the wedding could be captured by a camera which will curate fond memories of these times while keeping a pictorial record of everything that piques their interest.

Digital Camera

5. A Personalised Photo Frame

A beautiful frame with a quote for the would-be couple. They will love this present, thus curating an unforgettable memory for them. If you could include their picture too, it will induce a special effect. Try to find an image of their dating days to make them smile wide. This best friend gift idea will put a lasting impression on them.

Personalised Photo Frame

6. A Water Flask

She needs to remain hydrated to lock that lustre of her skin and glow like a pearl on her wedding day. However, shopping, work, and other daily responsibilities might make her ditch a glass of water here and there or even more. Gift her a flask to remind her of her skin goals on the wedding day and honeymoon. You are her friend, and it’s your job to take care of her needs to make that day look like a fairy tale and her, like a princess.

Water Flask

7. The Champagne Flute

Pop the bottle and raise a toast! And let the newly married couple celebrate the day in personalised champagne flutes made for them, bearing the wedding date. And who could be a better person to gift them such a precious present than their best friend in the whole wide world.

Champagne Flute

8. A Travel Pouch

The number of travel-sized makeup and toiletries a bride has to carry for a few days after the wedding is just overwhelming. A utility or cosmetic bag will help her to sort out the clutter and keep them neatly stacked in a bag. It could also fit in her handbag, and she could enjoy the sun at the beach without worrying about the sunscreen, hairbrush, lip colour, headband, and other products.

Travel Pouch

9. Thank You Cards

A bunch of thank you cards will save them a lot of hassle and will get them going on the most time-consuming task after the wedding. Pair it with a few good pens to make it even easier for them. They will at least have one thing off their mind while shopping for the upcoming wedding. Doing it together will whip up some fun moments for them as they will remember the funny details of their very special day.

Thank You Cards

While you are at it, including a bunch of fresh flowers with the present to make your buddy smile wide and take their minds off a hundred things that are still left to do and take a deep breath while enjoying the feeling for a moment.