9 Gifts For Your Girlfriend To Show Your True and Deep Love For Her

Love is an emotion that makes one feel complete, make their world go round, fill joy in the heart and leave them smiling for days for no reason but it works in mysterious ways. However, if you really wish to understand it, you need to communicate. Take, for instance, your heart belongs to your girl and she knows it but every time you whisper that confession in her ears, she lights up like a star like she is hearing it for the first time. Expression of love is quite powerful and it could keep the spark in your relationship alive for years but in this fast pace of life, we often forget to tell our loved ones how much we treasure them. If this is your story too, then today make it a special one for your girl and present her with a token of love that relays your emotion and leave her smiling on cloud nine. Don’t know what it should be? Here are a few suggestions that will play love tune in her heart.

Gifts for your Girlfriend

1. Love for Food

There is no one in the world who could say no to hot, delicious food. You may find it surprising but a simple pizza delivery at her place on any random day could do wonders for your relationship. She will know that you care enough to keep in mind her likes and dislikes and will be flattered at this unusual but a scrumptious expression of love.

Love for Food

2. The Flower Arrangement

Surprise her with an arrangement of her favourite flower as beautiful as she is. Flowers speak a beautiful language of love and exude a charisma that no other thing could. She will be floored with the gesture and won’t stop gushing about it to her friends and colleagues. You can pick this online gift for girlfriend from any reputed gift portal.

Flower Arrangement

3. Bag Some Love

It may be a fashion essential but a sleek tote bag could convey your feelings towards her too. The most affectionate way to express love for her is to include her in your lifestyle and vice versa. Presenting her with a bag will show her how much you care about the things she cares about and if she is a fashionista or carries her own style, she will love this token of love from you.

Bag Some Love

4. Say Love With Peace Lily

The striking beauty of white flowers in contrast with lush green leaves will spellbind her with your love. Every morning as she will get up and watch this pretty plant on her bedside exuding beauty, she will think about you and fall in love with you a little bit more. As the plant will grow and nurture under her care, your relationship will reach new heights of love. Isn’t this the best gift idea for girlfriend?

Peace Lily

5. Confess With Candles

A scented candle to fragrant her place with your love is something she couldn’t say no to. Choose one to make her feel the fragrance of the ocean, one to take her to the deep woods, one for a trip to lavender fields and one more to take her to flowers. Every evening, when these soothing candles will light up and induce a sense of calm in her mind, she will be thinking about you.


6. Written In The Stars

Remember the day when you told her for the first time how deeply you are in love with her? Yes, the stars aligned in a certain way that night to bless you with the magic of love. Now, you can gift that alignment to your girl. A simple internet search will give you the exact map of stars of the place and night when you said those heartfelt words to her. Frame that map and gift her a forever present.

Written In The Stars

7. Pep It With Perfume

A fragrance that might belong to her but still she will be wearing yours. Present her with a perfume bottle that you think will suit her and she will treasure it like a jewel because every time she will wear it, she will be telling the entire world, in a subtle way, that she belongs to you and you are made for her. It is just not any other gift but the one which carried the fragrance of your love.


8. A Love Story

Yes, literally, gift her a love story that you find moving. A novel through which she could picture you in her mind being that love-smitten hero who would do anything to keep her girl happy and smiling. The one whose love is so pure that she couldn’t help being attracted to. Every page will make her feel butterflies in her stomach.

Love Story

9. The Gift of Time

The only thing she truly needs to drench in your love is to spend time with you and get to know you even better. So, just arrange a weekend trip for both of you and spend time in each other’s company to fall in love with her once again. She will love you more than anything else.

Gift of Time

When you present her with a gift, do with a loving smile on your face and hold her hand tightly to tell her that somehow she is the one you wish to spend most of your day with. May love be with you!

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