9 Perfect Gift Ideas For A Perfectionist Boyfriend

Is the man you are in love with stops at nothing till he has dotted the ‘I’s and crossed the ‘T’s in everything that he does? Has he set a high bar for perfection, which many around him find challenging to achieve? Well, if that is so then, you are in love with an A-Type personality who aspire to deliver nothing less than the best in everything. So much so, that at times this otherwise inspiring trait of them becomes borderline annoying but it is good news for you because certainly, he is a passionate man who loves you with the same perfection. However, presenting such a person with a gift that will touch his heart and bring a nod of admiration could be a Herculean task. You may wander from one git shop to another, looking at a hundred items and not picking even one because you aren’t sure what could make a stir in his loving heart and a perfect mind. Well, here are a few suggestions to help you out.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Perfectionist Boyfriend

1. Box Them Up

You may find it a weird option but hey, give it a whirl. A couple of sturdy and beautiful storage boxes could delight him more than gold. Being a perfectionist, it is assumable that he has a knack for keeping the place clean and organised, and if Marie Kondo is to be believed a couple of storage boxes could organise stuff easily. You don’t need to pick white, transparent plastic boxes but go for some medium and small-sized wooden boxes so he could store his stuff and keep his office table or bedroom shelves neatly organised.

Table Shelves

2. Flowers In A Box

A box again but this time it is to steal his heart and not organise his things. There is not a single soul on this planet who is not in love with one flower or another, but you can only imagine his delight if those flowers are neatly tucked in a box rather than wrapped in cloth or plastic in a bouquet arrangement. This could be the ideal birthday gift for boyfriend who is a stickler for details.

Flowers In A Box

3. Hamper For Love

You must already be knowing what he likes and what he doesn’t, and that includes the things he uses daily. Just assemble all those products like his favourite chocolate, cologne, perfume, snack or stationary and arrange them neatly in a wooden box. Get it wrapped as watch the smile beaming upon his face as he unwrapped his present by his favourite girl. This is one of the most loved gift ideas for boys, especially those who are picky and choosy for their things.

Hamper For Love

4. Journal Journey

Present him with a dated general in which he could accommodate his daily to-do lists and could create a word picture of his entire day. He will be thrilled to keep track of his tasks and his entire year in a single journal. Not only that, keeping this journal all times with him will avoid any kind of delay or missing the task entirely. He will always be updated on what he needs to do in the next hour.

Journal Journey

5. The Coffee Fix

You might not know this, but he would have let hundreds of cups of coffee go cold because he was just too busy to take a sip and being a perfectionist, he couldn’t drink below that perfect temperature that relaxes him to the soul. But, no more. You can present him with a coffee mug which could keep it warm on the desired temperature for hours. He could attend back to back meetings and be welcomed by a nice mug of coffee warm just as his heart.

Coffee Fix

6. The Meditation Mantra

Being a perfectionist is not an easy way to navigate through the world, which is full of cluttered mess and imperfect people who are bound to make the mistake which your boyfriend might never think of. After all, to err is to human. This could create a lot of stress in his mind as he will meet more such people in life. A subscription of a meditation app or a class could calm him to a great extent and keep his mental health intact. If you won’t care for it, who will?

Meditation Mantra

7. Save The Dates

A beautiful desk calendar with some soothing images could do wonders for planning the upcoming week or the entire month. He could remember all the important dates of the month, whether it is the birthday of someone close to him or a crucial meeting to which he cannot be late or absent. The soothing pictures will work like an eye candy exuding a sense of peace and calmness while working in chaos.

Save The Dates

8. Books, BFF for Life

An excellent read is hard to find, but when you do, it has the power to change your life, personality and thoughts. So, try to find the best you can for inspiration, motivation, personal growth, and if he likes, a truly interesting fiction. Words have a lasting impression, and through this book, you will convey that you have nothing but his best interests at heart. He will always treasure it.

Gift Books

9. Close The Eye

Present him with an eye mask so that he could close his eyes at peace and take a power nap only to get energised again to conquer the world. It might be just a little gift, but this cute present will bring a smile on his face. It will tell him that you know all about his secrets and that he loves to naps even if it for a few minutes.

Eye Mask

Pick one or pick all, remember to accompany it with a heartfelt message on a beautiful greeting card to convey your never-ending love for him.