13 Gifts that Modern Mummy Really Wants

Life would have never been this easy if your mother was not there. If you agree to this, then you would also agree with the fact that mothers deserve all the pamperings and love of this world. Keeping that in mind, here are some unique Mothers Day gifts to show her your gratitude.

best gift ideas for new mom on Mothers day

The list below is apt for any mother, be it a modern one or an old-fashioned mother. Just make sure she has her part of happiness. And you can do so, by giving her some of these meaningful gifts.

1. Pyjamas

Well, pyjamas are something, no mother would ask for but would love to own a cupboard full of it! Especially, pyjamas would make the best gift for newly mother. Present her with the same in a cute design to help her feel comfy.


2. Baby Carrier

Another must-have gift for any new mom would be a baby carrier. Be it a stroller or wrap around the baby carrier, such a present would surely make one of the best gifts for modern mom.

Baby Carrier

3. Sleeping Mask

Our mother's had a lot of sleepless nights. Some to ensure we sleep safe and sound, while others to make sure we study up and tight for exams. Treat your mother with a cooling eye-mask that will soothe her eyes and let her sleep calmly.

Sleeping Mask

4. Scented Candles

The aroma of scented candles is so soothing and relaxing to the soul, that it brings calm, in itself. Get your mother a set of some high-end scented candles or oil diffusers, and let her sip in peace, her evening tea.

Scented Candles

5. Soft Bed Lining

Mothers like to decorate the house in their way. From bed linings to quilt, they make sure everything looks unique and perfect. Help her with the same and present her some designer quilts and bed linings and help her revamping her space.

Soft Bed Lining

6. Slip-on Shoes

For her daily walks, nothing can comfort her more than a good pair of slip-on shoes. Why slip-on? Well simply because she is ageing and bending to tie her shoelaces, might be tough for her whereas slip-on will make her life a little easier.

Slip-on Shoes

7. A Kindle

With the change in time, mothers love to read their favourite novels, the tech-smart way. And a Kindle will make another one of the best gifts for new mom, that will never compromise on her reading habits.

A Kindle

8. A Wallet

Whenever mom steps out to shop, we all have seen her using that small-little batua that fits in her hand palm. Though she considers that batua as one of her prized possessions, it needs to be replaced with another prized possession. Get her a handy wallet that has a sling in it, to make her shopping time more convenient for her.

A Wallet

9. An Electric Kettle

Well, every mom has her favourite beverage, and she has it twice a day at least. But on days when she is a little upset, it is tea or coffee that holds her hand and calms her mind. So, for those stressful days, make tea or coffee making for her, a little easy with the help of an electric kettle.

An Electric Kettle

10. A Fitbit

Mothers of every age are very health-conscious when it comes to their kids or family. But for their health, they do nothing. If your mother falls under this category, and even if she does not, then a Fitbit would be very helpful for her, to check on all her health-related issues.

A Fitbit

11. A Jewellery Organiser

With ageing, the mother often lacks the quality of keeping their essentials in the place and with care. But the same mother will never compromise on keeping other family member's stuff safe and secure. Help her keep her jewellery organised, with the help of a jewellery organiser.

Jewellery Organiser

12. A Juice Mixer

Your mother would not deny the fact that the taste of a freshly made juice is incomparable. Also, it is healthier than packaged juices. So, one among the gifts for mom can be a juicer that will help me have fresh and tasty juice, irrespective of time.

Juice Mixer

13. An Air-fryer

How can you forget that as a kid, we had pakoras, pooris, samosas, etc., loaded with oil more than anything else. We are sure your mother still feeds you that way, but now you know how unhealthy that oil can be. So, present your lady-love with an air-fryer that will make her task easy, and will ensure non-oil food for all your family members.

 An Air-fryer

All the gifts mentioned above are something that mothers never ask for but needs the most. Many of these gifts are for her better health while others are to cut-short all the hard work, she puts in most of her daily tasks. Apart from these useful gifts, do not forget to pamper her with a box of sugar-free chocolates, or maybe a beautiful flower bouquet.