Got Unused Plastic Bottles? Find Ideas To Use Them In Your Garden

Not too long ago, waste management was something almost all of us worried about. Not any more. In fact, it can be seen as a pretty big opportunity nowadays as people are becoming much more environmentally conscious and aware. And what better way to do this than reducing your dependency on single-use products and switching to reusable alternatives? Think about it - the amount of plastic bottles that go into landfills every year is absolutely staggering. We will help you with eight excellent ideas for using those plastic bottles in your garden.

grow plants in bottle

Here are some ideas on how to use unused plastic bottles in your garden:

1. Make Planters

You can easily make planters out of plastic bottles by cutting them with scissors and then filling them up with soil or compost. In this way, you are growing plants in bottles that cost you nothing. You can also use seeds or cuttings in these planters so that they grow within no time. It is inexpensive to grow your plants at home without spending money on expensive pots and planters.

make planters

2. Make Soil-less Containers

If you want to grow plants without using soil, try making them in pots made of plastic bottles instead. Fill up the empty space inside the bottle with gravel or pebbles so that water does not evaporate too quickly from the pot while keeping your plant intact inside it! This way, you can also keep pests away from your plants effectively.

soil less container

3. Bird Feeder

The next time instead of throwing away an empty bottle, turn it into a bird feeder by cutting off the bottom half of the bottle and making holes in it using a drill or hammer (depending on what material you use). Then fill it up with seeds, attach some string at the top and hang it up somewhere in your garden. The birds will enjoy eating their meals outside instead of coming inside to eat.

bird feeder

4. Turn them into hanging planters

Hanging planters have become a popular trend in gardens. You can make your own hanging planter by using an empty plastic bottle. Get some soil or compost ready and pour it into the bottle. Then, add some seeds or seedlings of your choice. Tie the bottle with twine or rope and hang it from the tree branch or terrace railing.

hanging plants

5. Make DIY lights

Cutting holes into plastic bottles can create windows for a homemade lantern, or you can paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint if you want them to provide light at night (just remember not to leave any standing water inside). You can also add glitter if you want them to look even more magical at night!

diy lights

6. Make a birdhouse

Do you love birds but feel guilty about keeping them in cages? Then this project is just for you! Birdhouses made from plastic bottles will shelter them from the elements while still allowing them to see what's happening around them so that they feel safe enough to come back each year.

bird house

7. Make a watering can

If you have small plants that need watering frequently, make your watering can using a plastic bottle and scissors (or even just snip off the bottom with your hands). Cut off about one-third of the bottle's bottom with scissors, then cut out holes for drainage at both ends of the spout (ensuring enough room for water). Fill it up with water and let gravity do its work.

water can

8. Seedling protectors

This tip is especially useful if you're growing seeds indoors or if you want to grow something like peppers or tomatoes from seedlings rather than seeds themselves. Simply cut off one end of an empty plastic bottle, cut a few slits along the sides and stick several seeds inside before covering them with soil or compost until they sprout roots and start growing on their own. This way, they'll be protected from pests while still receiving enough sunlight to grow properly.

seedling protectors

Not only did we find ways to repurpose plastic bottles in our garden, but we also found inexpensive and premium options. Combine these tricks with online plant delivery, and you will have everything you need for your garden. So if you want to do something green for the environment and you want an easy method to do so. With this, we hope to have inspired you to find ways to repurpose old containers.