Grow Giloy At Home: Benefits And Caring Tips For The Amazing Herb

Nature is full of wonders; beautiful mountains, mysterious oceans and plants that have too many benefits to count. Most of these beneficial plants and herbs are still hidden from the human eye in the profound depths of nature; however, many have been discovered by mankind over the years and saying we are thankful for them would be an understatement. One of those magical herbs is Giloy: a common household name that has been blessing us with its advantages for years now. It may come as a surprise to you, but growing Giloy at home is very easy, and with tons of benefits that it has, it is a great idea!

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You can easily find Giloy among indoor plants for sale at both offline and online nurseries; however, taking care of the plant can be a little tricky. So, let's take a look at the fascinating benefits of this plant and how to grow & take care of the little fellow!

Astonishing Benefits of Giloy

Full of antioxidants

One thing that you must know about Giloy is that it is full of antioxidants. The plant is full of flavonoids and polyphenols that allow it to help people with severe health benefits.

Has substances that help with cancer, diabetes, and neurological problems

Giloy is full of alkaloids, terpenoids, and lignans that support people's fight against chronic diseases. These compounds of the plant help with other various disorders as well.

Effective impact of dengue fever

One of the most dangerous effects of dengue is platelets decreasing, and that is what dengue helps with. Consuming giloy during dengue can help you to improve your immunity and helps to increase the platelet count.

Controls blood sugar levels

In Hindi, one synonym of giloy is "madhunashini", which roughly translates to anti-diabetic; hence regular consumption of giloy can control blood-sugar levels.

Helps with anxiety

If you feel anxious and have mental stress in any way, then taking giloy; regularly can help you a lot.

Benefits of giloy

Controls blood sugar levels

The first option is to grow the plant from seed! First, buy great quality seeds from any nearby nursery, then take a seed starting mix that is full of natural fertilizers, sow the seed in the soil, place the small pot in bright sunlight and mist the plant on a regular basis. You will notice that the seed will sprout in 10 to 15 days, do not lose hope. Once the seed is sprouted enough, you can transfer the plant into a big pot as per your liking.

If getting seeds is not an option for you or you already have a plant at your home, simply cut off 6 to 7 inches long stem from the plant. Before cutting, make sure that the stem is full of leaf nodes and make a clean 45-degree cut. Plant the stem in soil full of fertilizers in a pot, keep the pot in a place where there's plenty of indirect yet bright sunlight, and water the plant daily. Once you notice that leaves are sprouting from the plant, wait for almost ten days and slowly get it out in the bright sunlight.

Taking Care of Giloy

If you feel anxious and have mental stress in any way, then taking giloy; regularly can help you a lot.

Grow Giloy

Water: Check the top of the soil, and if it feels dry, then water the plant deeply. Wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering again, and do not overwater the plant.

Sunlight: The plant needs bright sunlight for around 5 to 7 hours per day. However, initially, it's better to keep it out of harsh direct sunlight.

Soil: The plant flourishes in well-drained soil with a ph level of 5.5 to 7. You can go for a normal potting mix, or you can make your own soil by adding four parts of normal garden soil, one part of manure and one part of river sand.

Climate: As giloy plant is native to India itself, it flourishes perfectly in dry and hot climates that have moderate rainfall. Hence, you do not have to worry about creating an ideal climate for the plant.

Finally… Giloy is an excellent plant that serves as a great medicinal help in times of need. Therefore, making a little effort for this green fellow would be a great investment, happy gardening!