Top 7 Hedge Plants For Fence

Have you ever heard that these plants are known as hedge plants? Do you know what these plants do and why we are talking about them and their benefits? A hedging plant acts as a wall or boundary between the two houses. There are many benefits of these plants as they provide safety from heavy winds, and it also ensures you the most needed privacy. There are two types of hedge plants, one that can only grow leaves, and the other is a flowering hedge that almost grabs every attention. Hedge plants are best to grow in the monsoon season. Although if you are not into gardening things, you can buy artificial plants to decorate your garden and cover up the walls. These plants are ideal for home decor enthusiasts. Below mentioned are some of the hedge and fence plants that can help you to make your house look even more attractive and beautiful with its beautiful leaves and floras.

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1. Clerodendrum Inermis

Clerodendrum Inermis is the ideal protective and decorative, as it makes your house and the walls look mesmerising. The leaves of this plant are attractive and have a beautiful green glossed colour. Additionally, these shrubs do not attract snakes, leaving an unpleasant odour. These hedge plants usually take almost two years to grow.

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2. Cypress golden

If you are impatient and can't wait for the plant to grow soon, this one's for you. A cypress golden is a tiny, fast-growing hedge plant that will add a fresh touch to your outdoor environment. These plants can be easily grown indoors as well as outdoors.

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3. Tecoma

Red Tecoma or Tecoma Capensis are natives of southern Africa and belong to the Bignoniaceae from the flower family. Their shrub's height reaches from 2 to 7metres. Also, the leaves of this plant are evergreen, and it develops a bunch of orange flowers that make it a popular choice of hedge plant.

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4. Duranta erecta

The fastest-growing, multi-stemmed, large shrub leads as a background planting and live hedge. Beautiful pale blue flowers grow in this plant that attracts butterflies in the summer season and is followed by a flock of golden orange berries.

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5. Carrisa carandas

A delight to watch, a bushy shrub t is used as a good hedge. Carrisa carandas plant grows luscious fruits in the summer season and is popular all over India. Their seeds are sown at a distance of 60-75 cm.

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6. Lantana

The delightful species of Lantana blooms almost with orange, yellow, white and pink flowers. They are fond of the sun and its bushy growth and habit. One of the best hedge plants for fencing is its habit of blooming back and its fondness for the sun.

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7. Jatropha curcas

These plants are planted on waste lands in agroforestry format. They are uncultivated poisonous shrubs. It is usually used as a fence to protect the garden from animals.

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Besides these, there are many more hedge plants such as Cactus, Palms etc. Buy some of them Plants online and bring yourself close to nature.

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