A Guide for Modern Flower Arrangements

"Where flower blooms, so do Hope"- Anonymous

Flowers are nature’s colour and scent that add freshness to our lives. And those who love flowers, like to experiment with them. Someday you will see them having a flower tiara and the other day a flower corsage. Nonetheless, flowers make anything look magnificent. Speaking of modern time, people like to add flower arrangements in their day-to-day life, to make their surroundings look more authentic and lively.

Guide for Modern Flower Arrangements

Flowers are known to brighten up any decor with their natural colour and fragrance. And those who love to decorate their house with flowers, love to experiment with new arrangements, vases, pots, etc. So, if you are also someone who loves to play with your flower arrangement, then here is a list full of modern flower arrangements that you can incorporate for a party, or otherwise.

Monochrome Floral Arrangement

This loose asymmetrical arrangement is easy to get. Fill the vase with loosely arranged monochrome flowers with a few green fillers here and there, to complement the look.

Flowers you will need for this arrangement-

White stock flowers, Veronica, Salal leaves, Pom Pom Ranunculus, Rosemary, Lisianthus, Anemone, and Fringed Tulip.

Monochrome Floral Arrangement

Mid-Century Arrangement

If you want an arrangement that makes your table or room shine instantly, then this is the perfect arrangement for you. You will need a big flower with a colour pop, and some tiny flowers, to fill in space.

Flowers you will need for this arrangement-

Crocosmia in vibrant orange, and Banksia.

Mid-Century Arrangement

Sunflower Fall Arrangements

Well, as the name suggests, this arrangement is going to be full of sunflowers and all the other yellow blossoms. This arrangement not only looks classic but would make a perfect centrepiece for your dining table on a party day.

Flowers you will need for this arrangement-

Foraged Sunflowers, Sagebrush, dried Thistle, Mums, and Chamomile centres.

Sunflower Fall Arrangements

Hydrangea Basket Arrangement

For a cosy yet modern arrangement, use a bamboo basket to make this floral arrangement. And Hydrangea flowers are known to stay beautiful even after they have dried. So, this arrangement will last for a little longer.

The flower used in this arrangement-


Hydrangea Basket Arrangement

All these arrangements of flowers were more about the choice of flowers you make. Below, is another list of trending flower arrangements, that are quite popular with the florists, available both online or offline.

1. Simple yet Modern Arrangement

All you need for this arrangement is a mason jar or any glass bottle. Put in some vibrant and colourful flowers in it, and place it anywhere you like. Use dried out leaves and fillers, to make it more appealing to the eyes.

Simple yet Modern Arrangement

2. Flowers in a Box

Florist online have gone crazy about such arrangements; these arrangements look stunning and very rich at the same time. Making one such arrangement at home is easy as all you will need is a cardboard box and some paint or fabric.

Flowers in a Box

3. Flowers with Vibrant Wrappings

Flowers are colourful in themselves but to add a different pop of colour to the arrangement; many florists use vibrant papers and ribbons to arrange a bouquet, beautifully.

Flowers with Vibrant Wrappings

4. Cutesy Vase

Another very trending modern floral arrangement is that of a cute vase, that is transparent and is covered from the inside with a leaf, to imitate green colour (or any other). Such a cute vase is decked with flowers that can complement any corner of your house.

Cutesy Vase

These were some of the trending floral arrangements that you can consider giving a try or purchase online. We hope you love the process of arranging flowers beautifully and while practising so, amaze yourself too. We end this blog here, with a famous quote that reads- “If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.”