Motherhood : Why Mother-Child Bond is so Damn Unique and Special?

Maa ke liye kya likhu main,
Maa ki hi likhavat hu main!

Naa khuda ki naa mitti ki,
Bas Maa ki banavat hu main!

Bin bole kabhi woh ro deti hai,
Meri galtiyon ko apne aansuo se dho deti hai.

Kabhi gusse toh kabhi pyar se woh keh deti hai,
Chahe kitni bhi badi ho galti, maaf muje woh kar deti hai.

Na maangu main kuch par sab kuch woh deti hai,
Bin puche meri mann ki baatein samaj leti hai.

Dekh ke ghabaraya seene se laga leti hai,
Pakad kar haath mera mujhe woh sula deti hai.

Shabado se kar paata beyaan toh kar deta,
Bas us Maa ki choti si sajaawat hu main.

Maa ke liye kya likhu main,
Maa ki hi likhavat hu main!

It is no surprise that moms can feel everything their child is feeling, and there are a lot of reasons behind this. She is the one always on the top of your speed-dial list. Moms have a significant positive impact on their children to such an extent that the way in which they act in their later years is credited to their relationship with their mom. No other individual understands someone better than their mom. Straight from the time he is born until his grown-up years, a kid develops an amazing mother-child bond.

Mother Child Bond

She Understands Child

No one really understands you better than your mom because, without your saying, she anticipates your needs. The mother has been with their children for a long time and knows all about the needs and wants of the child. Even before the one demands something, the mom already knows, and this understanding level can’t be found in any other bond than mother-daughter bond or mother-son bond.

She Understands Child

Science Behind Strong Bond

A journal was published, and the researchers used brain imaging to test the incomparable bond between mother and child. Participants of the research were instructed to think of a situation in which they are in distress and then think of the same situation about a family member. Mothers experienced high self overlap, meaning that when they thought of themselves in such a situation, and when they thought of their child, the brain reaction was almost similar and identical. This proved the saying “You will never understand how much I love you until you have a child of your own.”

Science Behind Strong Bond

Mom - The True Friend

Well, the one person that every child runs to when in trouble is Mom! If the case is running from father’s beating or from teacher’s scolding or any other situation of distress, we always turn to our mom. She understands the situations without any clarification and always saves us. She is the one who is always there for you to listen to all your tantrums and to calm you down. She is the best listener and gives the best advice. A true friend, indeed!

Mom The True Friend<

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So, we hope you understand why mother and daughter bond or mother and son bond is stronger than any other bond in the world! This Mother’s Day, make her feel special with your sweet gestures and bring a graceful smile on her face. Happy Mother’s Day!

P.S.: According to research, a bond between mother and daughter is stronger than that between mother and son! Don’t fight with your brother/sister over this fact. 😜