Handmade Rakhi Ideas - To Let Your Creativity Find A Sacred Path

Being a Sister comes with so many responsibilities! And one such responsibility is to tie a beautiful rakhi on brother’s wrist on the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Sometimes you succeed in buying a beautiful and unique rakhi and sometimes you don’t. We have a solution to this. All you need to do is to recognize your Rakhi making craft skills.

Handmade Rakhi Ideas

Yes, just like Jamvanat Ji (from Ramayana) made Hanuman Ji realize his real powers which helped him to cross the sea.

Why purchase from the market when we have many Rakhi making ideas for you? And all the ideas of rakhi making includes pocket-friendly materials. Believe us, you have that creativity to make Rakhi by self. And doing so will provide your creativity with a sacred path because Rakhi Thread is the sacred bond of Sister-Brother relationship. Every year you stroll through the stalls to buy Rakhi for brother but this Raksha Bandhan, let your mind and your fingers be the best team to create a lovely and beautiful DIY Rakhi.

At first, it will seem like a tiring and time-consuming task, and you will have some failed tries, but all the efforts will render a joyous feeling at the very moment when you will tie Rakhi on your brother's wrist.

To try our handmade rakhi ideas, we recommend you to do it while sitting on the floor (because success comes to those who keep themselves grounded, hahaha) with good lighting. The rakhi designs that we are mentioning here includes ideas for all age-groups, so the first thing you should do is to choose a rakhi design according to the age of your brother. You can add extra elements in the homemade rakhis as per your liking and creativity.

Have a look at the pictures and choose one that your brother will adore.

1. Eco-friendly Rakhi

The first in the list is an eco-friendly rakhi. Send a message to your brother wrapped in this eco-friendly rakhi.

Beautiful Cotton Rakhi

2. Lego Rakhi

Next on the list is Lego rakhi. Make your little one jump with joy with this colorful lego rakhi. Lego is one thing that is popular worldwide among children. You only need to get the holes drilled in the lego part and then tie a thread to it.

Blocks Rakhi

3. Button Rakhi

There should be some extra buttons at your home. You just need to be a little creative with the buttons and paste it on the thread.

Button Rakhi

4. Car Rakhi

Here’s another rakhi idea for your little ones. Loved by all kids, this car rakhi is sure to make them scream with joy. You need to stick the image of the favorite car of your brother/sister on the ribbon and you are done.

Car Rakhi

5. Tom and Jerry Rakhi

The iconic Tom & Jerry is all time favorite of every kid. This Raksha Bandhan, go an extra mile and make a rakhi at home. Find a picture of tom and jerry from the internet and paste it on a semi-hard board. Cut the board and paste a thread to it.

Cartoon Rakhi

6. Alphabet Rakhi

Counting the list with one of the common and trendy homemade rakhi ideas- an alphabet rakhi. Either you can get the initial of your brother’s name from the market or you can cut out the letter from sem-hardboard.

Letter Rakhi

7. Matchstick Rakhi

One of the easiest homemade rakhi ideas. All you need is some matchsticks and artificial flowers ( any of your choice) and make a beautiful design of your choice and in between paste the flower. And you are good to go!

Matchstick Floral Rakhi

8. Customised Rakhi

The best gift you can give your brother is memories of him with you and the family. Collect your best memories and paste it on the thread. You will the best homemade rakhi for your lovely brother.

Photo Rakhi

9. Thread thread

All you need is a thread of your choice. Just ask your child to make a braid of these colors and you are done.

Simple Wool Rakhi

10. Smiley Rakhi

A smile is all you need to make your sibling happy. Be creative with your rakhi handmade ideas and make a beautiful rakhi with a smiley in the center.

Smiley Rakhi

We hope you will create a great rakhi with the help of our rakhi making idea at home.

Keep yourself pumped throughout the process!

Happy Rakhi Making!

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