Make Your Living Room More Welcoming With Hanging Money Plant Decor Ideas

Money plant is known to be one of the most popular and sturdy indoor plants. It is also known as Pothos. These easy to grow plants look exquisite with their lush green leaves. Money plants are smoothly available at online nurseries and plant shops. They are very simple to take care of, above all, they look pretty alluring when it comes to adorning your home. There are so many Money plant decor ideas that can give a fresh new look to your living room. However, the hanging money plant looks totally satisfying as well. So, here are some of the easiest and chic ways to decorate your living room with money plants.

Hanging Money Plant Decor Ideas

Trendy hanging money plant decoration ideas to spruce up your living room

The glass bulb decor

When it comes to embellishing your home with plants, you need to be a bit creative and spontaneous. One such creative idea is to decorate your living room using a money plant in a glass bulb. With this idea, you can make great use of bulbs that are no longer of any use. You can easily find such faulty bulbs and create blissful decor for your living room. You can position a money plant inside the bulb and hang it with a wire. This will indeed give a bewitching look to your living room.

Hanging Money Plant Decor Ideas

Money plants in Stylish glass bottles

So, here comes the most trendy and alluring idea to decorate your living room.All you need to do is make great use of old glass bottles. You will be needing some hangers and wires to give it a pretty look. Money plant spotted in the bottle will definitely amplify the style of your living room. However, you can take one bottle or a pair of bottles depending upon the space of your living room. This is a really interesting and eye-catchy idea to give your living room a fresh new look.

Hanging Money Plant Decor Ideas

Hang them as curtains

One of the most fascinating things about money plants is that the stems of this particular plant adorn to hatch upon anything. They can be recast in any shape you wish. So, give these stems a perfect curtain theme look, so that the leaves of the plant fall bowed. You can use this particular embellishment idea in your living room and give it a perfect touch of nature. The falling vertical alignment of stems will make it look like a green curtain that will certainly give a refreshing makeover to your living room.

Hanging Money Plant Decor Ideas

Money plant in hanging wooden shelves

Many plants look absolutely stunning and endearing when they are placed on hanging wooden shelves. You will need simple materials to hang the shelves on walls and give an appealing greener look to your living area. There are so many wooden shelves that are made for hanging plants like money plants. You can browse such trendy wooden shelves at online stores as well. One can simply hang these attractive wooden frames over the window or beside the windows in the living room. In this way, they can absorb sunlight as well.

Hanging Money Plant Decor Ideas

So, these are the most refreshing and trendy ideas of hanging money plants to give your living room a stylish makeover. Buy a money plant online and start being creative with its decoration ideas. Anyone will fall for these tiny greenies adorning your home.