What is Terrarium: A Brief Introduction

If you are a plant enthusiast like us, then you must have heard about the beauty that is Terrarium. A plant garden that can be enclosed in a bowl would seem fascinating to anyone, and we are no exceptions. Terrariums have become the new excitement among plant lovers, and rightfully so. However, not a lot of people know about these enticing plants. Most of the time, when we talk about this amazing garden in a bowl, we often tackle the question “what is Terrarium?” And today, we are aiming towards changing it. So, for all the lovely anthophiles out there, here is a brief yet exciting introduction to this graciously graceful plant:

What is Terrarium

How do Terrariums come into being & what does it mean?

The first time one hears this term, it sounds a lot like the aquarium, and to put it simply, that is how it is! Just replace the water & fish with earth and plants. The term consists of two Latin words “terra” which means earth and “airum” which means a place. In other words, terrariums are earth and plants, inside a bowl or jar. It’s like having a very small garden, that looks incredibly charming, inside your home.

Terrarium Plant

To tell you a secret, the origin of the most beautiful plant type was actually a happy accident. Let us take you back in time in 1829 when Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, a naturalist of London, was trying to observe moths in a closed soil-filled jar. Yes, you read that right, Terrariums birth is the result of a moth study. Anyway! No moth emerged, however a small plant emerged in the soil. Dr. Ward observed the small water beads on the side of the jar and was amazed by the fact that there is a small, self-sufficient eco-system inside the jar. He started experimenting with different plant types and the very first plant was able to survive for over three years, without water.

Terrarium Plant

The news of the garden in the bowl quickly spread among the high society of Victorian London. One thing to know about Victorian London is that people back then loved exotic plants. People of that time adored indoor plants so much that, the term “Fern fever” was actually used to describe how much they love them! Therefore, it’s not surprising that Terrariums quickly become the talk of the town.

Terrarium Plant


To this day, Terrarium holds the supreme position when it comes to house plants. This fancy plant is capable of changing the entire outlook of one’s home. You may find it interesting but probably not surprising that aside from home decor, Terrariums are also used for research purposes. This green bowl of gorgeousness has been making the world a better place for almost two centuries, and now you can become a part of this irresistible revolution and Buy Terrarium Plants from India’s favorite online plant store, FlowerAura. Find enticing terrariums right here at one place, you can use these to bring a smile to your loved one’s face, to give your home a lavish makeover, or to gift to a special someone who is as rare as terrariums.

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