Homemade Birthday Gifts for Husband

Whether your husband's birthday is coming up or you are planning several months in advance, you should go the extra mile for him this year by making a homemade birthday gift! Find unique and creative gifts that are not only simple to make but will also be useful for him. Also something romantic. Here we have bought you some easy homemade birthday gifts for husband which you can easily make and he will love it for sure. So. let’s get started!

Homemade Birthday Gifts Ideas for Husband


The best gift you can give someone is a gift of music. Music connects with the soul and if your husband loves music then this is a perfect homemade birthday gift for him. All you need is access to a cassette, or CD, or an online free music player and lots of music.

While it is true that no one listens to music on 'cassettes' anymore, you can make this idea either by creating a CD, or a playlist on one of the free online music players. All you have to do is spend some time thinking about your husband, and find songs that dedicate your love for him. Once your list of songs is ready, either record them in a cassette, on a CD, or simply create an online playlist.

Mixtape  for Husband

Polaroid Magnets

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your husband’s birthday which will last long? If so, this DIY project is just for you. With a few easy and simple steps, you can transform your favorite pictures into fun-sized Polaroid magnets! All you need is- Thick white cardstock, Craft cutter knife, Magnetic tape , craft glue, Paper Glaze, A Polaroid Frame Template, Photo paper (optional)

Take digital copies of your photos and add them to photo editing software like Pixlr or Photoshop. Resize images to get the exact size. Layer the Polaroid template on the photo and edit it in such a way that you can see the part of the photo that you want through the template. Once you have the final version of the photos, you can print them yourself on photo paper or have them professionally printed. Cut photos neatly. Cut the cardstock into corresponding sizes as well. Glue them and let them dry. Carefully apply a glaze of paper to each photo so that it gives a glossy finish. Let dry. Now glue the magnetic tape behind the images. Let dry. Your best birthday gift for your husband is ready.

Polaroid Magnets  for Husband

Birthday Cake

What’s the birthday celebration without a cake? On your husband’s birthday surprise him with a special homemade birthday cake. All you need is basic ingredients for making a cake and lots of love. If your husband loves cake, this can be the easiest handmade gift you can make for your husband!

Birthday Cake  for Husband

Money Origami

The best "last-minute" homemade birthday gift - folded cash! You will find lots of different money origami designs on many occasions. So, on your husband's birthday opt for this cool and simple homemade birthday gift-- Money origami.

Why Money Origami? Sometimes money is the most useful and practical gift you can give to someone on any occasion. Especially when you know that the recipient is saving for something that is important to them. By folding money, you can turn some bills into a gift that is creative or memorable, such as a heart or a rose.

Money Origami  for Husband

Birthday Personalised Poster

Personal posters are a great and unique way for loved ones to celebrate milestone birthdays. Birthday posters are filled with highlights from the year of birth that you can further personalize. To make it easy for you, you can take help from the online poster app that makes formatting easy, and then you just download, print and frame at home. Simple isn’t?

Birthday Personalised Poster  for Husband

So, these were some basic and easy to make birthday gifts for husband at home to woo your husband on his special day. Have a romantic ghar wala birthday!