10 Smart Hacks To Bake A Perfect Cake At Home

You are just a few tips from baking your dream cake!

Baking is therapeutic. However, it can give you an undulated headache when your cake doesn’t bake well. Most of the home bakers complain that they followed the recipe step-by-step; still, their cake doesn’t look and taste as good as the one from the bakery. What went wrong, and where? Well, you all must have heard “Baking is Science,” meaning even the slightest bit of negligence or mistake can result in a disastrous cake.

Baking Hacks

After consulting the professional bakers and master of the cake baking art, we have listed below smart cake hacks that will help you bake a perfect cake.

1. Read the Recipe Backwards

Unable to contain the excitement of baking a delicious beauty, most of you start in a hurry and unprepared. When the foundation is messy, how will the result be good? The trick many bakers swear by is to read the recipe backwards, gathering all the ingredients, utensils, and accessories for baking. Prepare all the moulds, pans, and cake tins as well as to measure all the ingredients as per the recipe.

Read the Recipe Backwards

2. Pick the right Flour

For cake preparation at home, flour is a must. But, not every flour is suitable for baking every cake. Different varieties of flour have different gluten strength that determines the texture of the cake. All-purpose flour is suitable for baking a light and airy cake, whereas bread flour is for dense cakes.

Pick the right Flour

3. Use Olive Oil For Sticky Ingredients

Unlike the dry ingredients, sticky ingredients are not fuss-free to use. Honey, molasses, maple syrup and other sticky ingredients are tough to scoop out from the spoon. Coat your measuring cup or spoon with olive oil before scoping out sticky ingredients. It will slide out right away.

Use Olive Oil For Sticky Ingredients

4. Add Unsalted Butter

Always and always add unsalted butter to the cake batter. Salted butter can alter the chemistry of the ingredients used in cake preparation and can dilute the delicate flavours of the batter or dough.

Add Unsalted Butter

5. Use Eggs and Ingredients at Room Temperature

Most of the cake recipes call for using ingredients at room temperature. It is because they help in the rise of the batter and are responsible for a fluffier texture. Leave your eggs and other ingredients like cream, butter, etc. at room temperature and then add to the batter.

Use Eggs and Ingredients at Room Temperature

6. Place a Cloth Under Mixing Bowl

While mixing the ingredients using a hand-held blender or a whisk, make sure your bowl is stable. If not, curl a damp towel or cloth into a circle to form a nest-like shape, and then place the mixing bowl over it. When you mix the bowl will not wobble. You can also place the stand under the bowl.

Place a Cloth Under Mixing Bowl

7. Know Your Baking Oven

Every oven has its own temperature. So, while baking, you should know the ideal temperature of your oven for cake. Then, preheat the oven and then place the cake batter. Keep an eye on the oven.

Know Your Baking Oven

8. Let it Cool Completely

After you have taken the toothpick test, take out the cake and let it cool completely. Do not slice the cake or frost the cake while it is hot. Any of these actions will either build cracks or make it collapse. Let it cool completely, and then start the next procedure.

Let it Cool Completely

9. Decorate with Cookie Cutter

Struggling to decorate the cake? One of the cakes decorating hacks is to use a cookie-cutter, fill it with sprinkles, and then remove it. The other one option is to use stencils or with the help of a fork, make markings on the cake and then frost it.

Decorate with Cookie Cutter

10. Damp Towels for Even Cake Layers

It is a pre-oven cake hack. Instead of cutting the layers after the cake has been baked, cover the cake tin with damp towels. It will insulate the tin, thus causing cake layers to rise evenly.

Damp Towels for Even Cake Layers

Beat the baking blues with these smart hacks. Bake perfect and tasty cake at home!