Homemade Fertilizer for Money Plant

Choosing a commercial fertilizer for a money plant can be tricky since there are many options on the market. You can use homemade fertilizer for your money plant but keep in mind there are some risks involved. Homemade fertilizers are a good option for you; all you need is to be cautious. What makes this plant unique is the ease of growing it from cuttings. Most plants must be grown in a vegetative state for weeks before they are rooted and ready to go. The money plant can be rooted in hours. One thing that is important to know is how much water the money plant needs to stay alive. Money plants need a lot less water than most people provide, so don't over-water them. If you leave the money plant outdoors, it will thrive in full sun. If you bring it inside for the winter or protect it from marauding cats’ damage, put it in a south-facing window. It makes its fertilizer, so just give it water and room.

Homemade Fertilizer for Money Plant

1. Healthy Soil Equals a Healthy Money Plant

Even if you are just growing a few plants in your backyard, compost and fertilizer are very important. Although nutrient-rich soil can be created at home using compost bins and "duff" bags, most people choose to purchase their fertilizers from the local garden centre. This is because store-bought fertilizers often contain harmful chemicals that may kill or stunt plant growth, and many are under the assumption that they are more expensive than homemade compost. Therefore, healthy soil is the best homemade fertilizer for money plants.

2. Make a Homemade fertilizer for money plant on Your Own

Organic gardening is like cooking, or painting, or healing with herbs. There are some simple recipes that anyone can do, but many individuals enjoy the challenge of making their recipes and discovering new things. Organic fertilizers and feeders are no exception. Suppose you have a garden and want to make your homemade natural fertilizer for money plant. In that case, you may only need three things: finished compost, a source of nitrogen (such as urine from dogs or humans), and a source of phosphate rock (such as soft water deposits that are naturally high in phosphate).

3. Nourishing Nutrients for Prolific Money Plants

With premium organic soil, you're engaging your plants' roots to the nutrients they need to enjoy a healthy life. It comes to no surprise then that when a gardener tries to bring their soil up to just the right quality, they have a monumental task on their hands. Plants need macronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium to grow. Many of these can be found in the soil. There are also trace elements found in soil, including iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, and chlorine; more than 100 trace elements have been found. All of these are extremely important for a prolific plant.

4. Understanding the Basics about N-P-K

While there are also many important micronutrients in a good fertilizer, it understands the “big 3,” the N-P-K, that is the key to making your effective fertilizer at home. The N stands for nitrogen, the P for phosphorus, and the K for Potassium. Each has a significant role to play in the health of your garden.

5. Easy Household Fertilizers

Want to know some easy household ingredients that will be an awesome homemade fertilizer for your money plant. Here are some easily accessible in everybody’s home and are highly efficient in improving the nutrient content and soil quality.

- Aquarium Water

- Bananas

- Blackstrap Molasses

- Coffee Grounds

- Cooking Water

- Corn Gluten Meal

- Egg Shells

- Epsom Salts

- Wood Ash (From a Fire Pit or your Fireplace)

- Gelatin

- Green Tea

- Hair

- Horse Feed

- Matches

- Powdered Milk

Money Plants

The money plant needs to have the proper nutrition to thrive. That’s why you need homemade fertilizer for money plant in soil and homemade fertilizer for money plant in water so that your plant gets all the nutrients. You can buy money plant online as its care is completely easy and effortless.