How To Care For Office Desk Plants

Plants inside the office are such a soothing move! And it happens to bring benefits for the people who own the office and the people who put their minds to work inside the office. But, knowing about ‘desktop plant take care’ is essential, or otherwise, the green blessing will resign soon. Plants help to purify the air leading to great health, calming minds and promote higher productivity.

How To Care For Office Desk Plants

Whether you own an office or you work in an office where there are office desk plants, you must know a basic understanding of how to care for them. Below are four common plants found in office spaces, along with their care tips.

Snake Plant -

Scientifically known as Sansevieria Trifasciata, the snake plant is a perfect choice for office desks. It is an air-purifying plant having spear-like leaves that shoot upwards.

Snake Plant

Care Tips

- Provide the plant with indirect sunlight for more than 5 hours throughout the day.

- Water your snake plant twice or thrice a week.

- Let the soil dry before watering it again.

- Make sure not to overwater the plant.

- You should consider feeding snake plants with balanced houseplant fertiliser.

- Feed fertiliser monthly from late spring to fall. Do not feed fertiliser in winters.

Devil's Ivy Plant -

Scientifically known as Epipremnum Aureum, Devil's Ivy plant sounds like a ghosty one, but it is not. It's the perfect office desk plant because it is difficult to kill.

Devil's Ivy Plant

Care Tips

- Provide the plant with bright direct sunlight for a few hours a day. It can survive in low light as well.

- Two to three hours of sunlight is enough for the plant.

- Water the Devil's Eye plant once every 7 to 10 days.

- Feed the balanced fertiliser once every six months.

- There is no need to feed fertiliser if the plant is growing in water only.

Spider Plant -

Scientifically known as Chlorophytum Comosum, the spider plant is another great choice for an office desk. Narrow leaves with white stripes just add creativity around.

Spider Plant

Care Tips

- The plant is good for indoor spots but requires bright indirect sunlight.

- Spider plants thrive better in temperatures of 13 - 18 degrees celsius.

- Water them twice a week and avoid overwatering.

- Feed all-purpose fertiliser to the spider plants once or twice a month.

- Do not expose it to direct sunlight as it can cause browning of leaf tips.

Jade Plant -

Scientifically known as Crassula Ovata, the jade plant is good for an office desk as it adds a lot of beauty and natural greenery.

Jade Plant

Care Tips

- Provide your jade plant with bright indirect sunlight to keep it at its best.

- Water Jade Plant when top 1- 2 inches of the soil feels dry to touch.

- It is advisable to feed water-soluble fertiliser once every two to three months.

- Do not overwater the plant as it can cause yellow leaves.

- Try to avoid keeping the jade plant in conditions like low light, excess humidity, and low temperatures.

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