How to Celebrate Karva Chauth Without Letting Mom Know

Karwa Chauth is like Indian Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to pure love and dedication. Love and feelings do not discriminate between age, gender, or marital status for that matter, so how can a day that is devoted to this wonderful emotion, can be only for married women? Unfortunately, our society including our families doesn’t understand this. However, this does not mean that you should not celebrate the festival, in fact, a secret celebration makes it even more fun as it will be your own thing, between just you two.

how to celebrate karwa chauth

So here we are going to tell you how you can fast on Karwa Chauth for girlfriend, boyfriend, or fiance without letting your mom know.


First things first, think about it carefully as it is a big commitment and if you decide to keep the fast then pre-fasting rituals are also important. Sargi is a meal that one has early in the morning, before fasting as an energising meal to keep them somewhat hydrated or full throughout the day. If you wanna know how to celebrate Karwa Chauth, then Sargi is an important step. Usually, Sargi comes from one’s mother-in-law but that is not the case for you so just get up really early in the morning and have a meal that is hydrating and heavy like sandwiches with juice, etc.

karva chauth sargi

Stay Out of The Way

The next thing to remember is that the more you will be seen the more suspicious your mom will get so it is better that you stay out. Stay at your office or college for a little longer than usual, or if it’s a holiday, go out with friends for a while. This will keep you out of trouble and will keep your mind off food, which is a little improbable but still.

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Getting Ready and Puja

One thing you should know about the festival is that getting ready and grooming up is an essential part of the rituals and is considered a symbol that your partner is in great health.

how to do karwa chauth puja at home

Now if you are a girl then getting ready and putting mehndi on your hands is an easy task for you, but as a guy getting ready on Karwa Chauth is a bit difficult so, to avoid confrontation, put on your favourite kurta with jeans to match the vibe of the festival and just draw a dot of mehndi on your hand for Shagun.

how to do karwa chauth puja at home

The question that arises is how to do Karwa Chauth puja at home without anyone finding out the fast, so the answer is pretty simple as the rituals for married and unmarried individuals are different so you can pray to Goddess Parvati alone without telling anyone.

Completing the Fast

For the final part, opening the fast is actually pretty easy. Again because of the different rituals of Karwa Chauth for married and unmarried people, you do not have to wait for the moon to eat something, you can have your meal by looking at the polestar and to look at your significant other, take advantage of the advances technology and break your fast with video calling.

karva chauth vrat

Karwa Chauth is a sentimental festival, and if someone loves you enough to go through so much trouble then you should definitely express your appreciation by giving them a Karva Chauth gift for girlfriend or boyfriend. At last, do not let anyone tell you that this is a married woman’s festival or a girls' festival. It is not about them, it’s about you and the one you love, Happy fasting!

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