How to Celebrate Valentine Day When You are In a New Relationship

Valentine’s Day is here and you can already feel the romance everywhere. Though you want to go on a romantic Valentine date, you have just started dating him or her a few months back. This makes you clueless about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are new in a relationship. Right? Well, if you think it is too early to go on a typical romantic Valentine date in an overpriced restaurant with the person you barely know much about, why not stay back and know your partner more? So, discover each other a little more and dedicate some beautiful time to your relationship that will strengthen the bond with your partner.

Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Take a guide with these beautiful ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day for new relationship couples.

1.Learn A New Art Together

It’s been a year of knowing each other. Now, it is the perfect time to start a new chapter of love together by learning something new this Valentine’s Day. How about a pottery class? Yes, this will be a perfect valentine gift to infuse romance in your 1 year of relationship. The time you will spend together in learning a new thing will actually help you find out more about each other.

A handsome man guiding his beautiful partner

2.Plan A Stay-Home Valentine Date

Although you can ask her for a romantic candlelight dinner at some fancy restaurant, a stay-home Valentine date would make her feel more comfortable. In fact, it would make a great Valentine gifts for her in a new relationship as you will get to know each other well. So, make the date wonderful with a nice decoration, some food, and of course drinks.

A beautiful couple enjoying their meal on a date

3.Cook Something Together

It’s time you believe; the couple who cooks together, stays together. Yes, it’s a whole different experience when you get into the kitchen with the person you love. It’s fun and at the same time it is a great way to test your compatibility with your partner as a new relationship couple. It is indeed a wonderful way of spending a good time together on Valentine’s Day.

Cooking together on this Valentine Day

4.Visit A New Place Together

Here’s one of the most beautiful new relationship gift ideas, that you can give your partner this Valentine’s Day. While every other couple would go out for a Valentine dinner in an overpriced restaurant, choose to explore a new place together. Walk around while holding hands, know each other more, stumble upon a new restaurant, and strengthen your bond.

 Plan a trip to explore the new places with your partner

5.Go On An Adventurous Date

Well, this is another great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a new relationship. Ditch the regular date ideas and go on an adventurous date to some adventure park with your partner. Enjoy a good time by doing some trust building tasks which will strengthen your new relationship. This will be the best Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend if he loves adventure.

Try the adventurous play on Valentine Day

6.Embark On A Winery Tour

You couldn’t agree more with this saying that "Love Like Wine Gets Better With Time". Thus, a winery tour is one of the romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas for all the new relationship couples. It will be a whole different experience for you and your partner celebrating this Valentine’s Day in the beautiful vineyards while tasting some of the best wines.

Plan a winery tour with your partner

7.Play Board Games Together

This is one of the ideal Valentine’s Day date ideas for new relationship couples that’ll make the day super special. Playing board games is fun and can help you spend a good time together on Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to play monopoly or Ludo or Chess, it completely depends on you and your partner. You can set the mood romantic with some hot chocolates and spend quality time with your partner.

 handsome man playing play Board Game with his lover

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8.Volunteer For A Cause

Since the objective of celebrating Valentine’s Day is to spread love, why not consider volunteering your time at an NGO or an old age home or at a Gurudwara and make someone else feel loved? This feeling will gratify you and your partner, for sure and will last for a lifetime.

Work as a Volunteer For A Cause on Valentine

9.Enjoy A Movie Marathon

Here is another great way to spend a quality time with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a movie marathon and get to know each other more in this February 14. To set the mood, get some popcorn, snacks, and even some booze if you want. To make your movie time more interesting you can also go for theme movie marathon.

Enjoy A Movie with your partner

With these amazing Valentine’s Day date ideas, come closer to each other and add some beautiful memories to your new relationship.