How To Decorate Room Wall With Balloon

We don’t believe that there can be a person who doesn't like balloons. These pretty things filled with air are synonyms of fun and bring some amazing childhood memories back with just a glance. Balloons are and always have been a part of all our celebrations! Whenever we think of decor for an occasion, the first thing we consider is balloons, they enhance the way your event looks with beautiful balloon decoration on wall. There is plenty of balloon decoration on wall easy ideas that you can imply to make your festivities better in every way! The balloon decoration on wall at home is simple and easy DIY that you can use for your next celebration. Still confused? Don't fret as we are here to help you out, read on and figure out easy balloon decoration ideas that you can use.

How To Decorate Room Wall With Balloon

Balloon Arch:

You must have seen that big balloon arch that is placed at the entrance of a party, near a wall, or over the cake. You’d be surprised to know that this balloon decoration on the wall for your birthday at home is incredibly easy to make. First, take a long wire and make a base, then place the base near a wall where you want your balloon arrangement. Then tie two balloons at the end of the wire to start and keep joining them with more balloons to create a kind of cluster, remember to tie them tightly together.

Balloon Arch

Balloon Garland:

The most basic balloon decoration wall that you can make is a balloon garland. It is what it sounds like, you take a long string, preferably a fancy ribbon, and tie balloons to it. The best part is you can make it as long as you want and it’s not tiresome at all as it is as easy as it gets.

Balloon Garland

Balloon Flowers:

Making a balloon flower may sound tricky but they are very easy to make. For this, you will need six balloons for each flower. Use a yellow or brown ballon for the and the center and colored balloons for the flower petals. Use double-sided tape to stick the balloons together in a floral shape, and hang them on the wall when you are done. There, easy-peasy!

Balloon Flowers

A Creative Balloon Wall:

If you don’t think you will be able to put off anything describe above, then there is one thing that you can sure do, create a big wall full of balloons. All you have to do is, take balloons of all sizes and colors and stick them randomly on a wall. Just remember to stick them together tightly so that the wall is not visible at all. Trust us, this will an amazing background for your event.

Creative Balloon Wall


How can we decorate a wall with balloons?

Ans:There are plenty of ways, you can make hearts on the wall, make garlands, or even flowers.

How do you decorate a birthday party wall with balloons?

Ans:Take cute balloons, and make cakes on the walls. Or take happy birthday metallic balloons and add in some fringe decorations.

How can I decorate my home with balloons?

Ans:You can take your pick for the ideas given above by us.

How do you decorate a birthday party with balloons?

Ans:You can decorate walls with different types of balloons, you can consider helium balloons and leave them in the room or you can cover the floor with simple balloons.

What is the easiest way to decorate a birthday party?

Ans:The easiest way would be to go for balloon garlands or to just cover the entire floor with pretty balloons.