Things to Remember Before Re-Planting your Money Plant

A money plant, also known as a spider plant, is a common houseplant that gets its name from actual rumors that people believed it brought good fortune. Whether that is true or not, the money plant does bring great life to a home. A money tree in the east has long symbolized good luck and prosperity. In China, there is a saying: "The more green leaves of the money tree you have, the more money you will get". It is said that money plants bring good fortune to those who care for them; so if you want to bring good luck into your home, the money plant is a must-have houseplant.

Things to remember before re-planting your money plant

It's important to remember that your money plant will continue to grow, so you'll need to take the right steps before re-potting them. Before you make your final decision as to where to re-pot your money plant, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. This plant doesn't need much attention, but we have some things you should know first. If you find your plant stressed, bring it back to health with the ultimate guide below.

Things to remember before re-planting your money plant

- Money plants are known to thrive in low light conditions and often grow well in windowsill gardens. However, when they are transplanted the shock can bring grown plants to their knees.

- Do remember to give your money plant good light, water, and fertilizer before moving them.

- Transplant them in soil that is not too wet.

- When the roots are showing at the bottom of the container, it is time to move.

- It will result in a healthier plant – with better flowers as well.

- Make sure to keep the plant warm while waiting to replant.

- You may need to place a plastic bag over their head until they are moved into their new home.

- The money plant, popularly known as the Pachira Aquatica, is an evergreen perennial. It can tolerate low-light settings and survive for a long time without requiring much attention.

- Unlike other plants, it does not have to be watered regularly and can survive with minimal watering for even several months.

- The only thing that needs to be paid attention to is the humidity where it is planted as excess water should be avoided as it may lead to root rot.

Things to remember before re-planting your money plant

Despite its common name, the money plant is not a member of the mint family. But there are special reasons to keep one on your desk. This hardy perennial native to southern China and Taiwan survived transportation to the United States despite its fragile-looking leaves. Also called the prayer plant, it features long cylinder-shaped leaves that emerge from a crown resembling a rooster. Green or variegated leaves look lush even without light. In spring, slender yellow flowers grow at the top of a six-inch tall stalk. So, here were some things to remember before re-planting your money plant. So, add this plant to your home, you can also buy money plant online and see how it works wonders for you.