Radha Krishna - A Never Ending Love Tale

“Sacche prem ki koi samapti tithi nahi hoti, sanyog aur viyog ye dono hi awastha me samaan rehta hai."

In other words, "True love has no end date. Coincidence and disconnection remain the same in both.” Isn't it so romantic?

Radha Krishna - A Never Ending Love Tale

Lord Radha and goddess Radha are inseparable; They always come together as one name Radha Krishna. The name Lord Krishna is derived from the Sanskrit word Krishna, which is primarily an adjective meaning "black", "blue", "dark blue" or "all-attractive". It is believed to have eight incarnations of Lord Vishnu. People send Janmashtami Quotes and wishes to loved ones on Janmashtami. He is probably the most popular of all the heroes of Hindu mythology. The word Radha means the greatest lover and worshiper of Krishna. Shri Radha is the feminine aspect of Shri Krishna and is not separate from Krishna.

The entanglement of Radha-Krishna was such a pure and cutest love story. Isn't it? According to the Vedas, Krishna believed that love does not require marriage. In fact marriage is a compromise and love is a selfless, pure feeling shared by two lovers. Love is true. Love is pure. The love of Radha and Krishna is immortal, it has no beginning and end. It is beyond the physical world and is spiritual in nature. It was the pure bond and love that kept both united, not marriage. Because every love story doesn’t end in marriage.

The love story of Radha Krishna started at a very young age. According to legend, when Krishna was young, he started playing the flute for grazing cows. Whenever Krishna played the flute, everyone and everything was taken to a samadhi which was completely pure and beautiful. Even the gopis, or cowgirls, would stop what they were doing, sense Krishna and start dancing around him in his love. However, a gopi, Radha, had taken him captive. The whole universe was yearning for Krishna but he was yearning for Radha. They met and fell in love when they were very young. Radha Krishna used to meet and dance in the garden which is known as Nidhivan (Madhuban) in Vrindavan. Even though they used to celebrate all the festivals together with their friends and relatives, Holi is one of those festivals which shows the pure love between them. This place is always remembered as the love place of Radha Krishna, devotees still visit this place to feel the love and devotion.

Krishna is the embodiment of love, affection, knowledge and intelligence and Radha is the female manifestation of all these traits. If Krishna is the Sun, Radha is the Sunlight. If Krishna is powerful Radha is the shakti behind. His sincere love and dedication has kept him alive in our hearts, his love story etched with admiration for ages. Radha and Krishna love story encapsulates the love that exists in the universe and that is why it is popular as the most powerful and mythological love story in this modern world as well. Their love is like a blowing wind. Which will be fluttering in the air forever and ever.

Radha Krishan love story is an epic love story that people still talk about whenever we talk about love stories. So,if you too have a radha or krishna in your life, celebrate the day by sending lots of love Valentine's day gifts online because yours might not be a mythological love story but the love is real.