How Flowers Are Directly Proportional to Emotional Health In Human

In today’s fast pace generation, people are so much into gadgets and gizmos, that they don't seem much interested to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of nature. The touch of human love seems to have been a long lost thing, and people seem not to acknowledge nature, anymore. If we talk science then as per Rutgers Research, flowers are said to have a positive impact on the emotional health of humans. They tend to have innate flowers with health benefits, which has an incredible effect on our emotional well being. From flowers like roses which are appealing as well as conveying a beautiful message to lotus flower health benefits from regulating BP to filling up the body with minerals and nutrients, every flower has got a different kind of appeal and feel of human senses.

As per the behavioural findings of his research, flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods for the following reasons:

positive impact of flowers on humans health

  • Flowers have a direct impact on happiness, as all the study participants seemed to express a delightful genuine smile while receiving the flowers. Also, people across all age groups seemed to have experienced the same kind of feeling.
  • People who receive flowers are said to have felt less depressed or anxious or agitated, after receiving a bouquet of roses online or offline. A higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction was seen to be witnessed among such people.
  • Flowers tend to make intimate connections while increasing the number of pleasant interactions with family and other loved ones.

From thousands of years, flowers were known to spread happiness through their beauty, their scent and their ceremonial significance. But knowing that they are directly proportional to our emotional well being is something which makes us fall for them even more now! So, here are a few ways through which a flower affects our emotions in an optimistic way.

1.Floral Hues

A bright coloured flower is said to play a very important role while influencing our sensory perception. For instance, red flowers like hibiscus, roses, etc. are said to improve performance on tasks requiring strong attention to detail. Other than having some innate hibiscus flower benefits or rose petals benefits, people tend to fall for its colour signifying love and romance, which has a positive effect on your immune system. While the blue colour is said to enhance creative thinking and is said to be associated with calmness, the violet coloured flowers have a tranquil effect on the mind and nerves. The yellow colour is said to be the jolliest hues among all, which seems to reflect the same kind of effect of human’s emotional health, while the orange colour said to encourage optimism and communication.

floral hues

2.Floral Fragrance

Flowers are usually blessed with sweet-smelling natural scents which act as a mood lifter. Gifting someone flowers like jasmine benefits the recipient by blessing them with improved mental function. The natural scents of the flowers are also said to assist with relaxation in a stressful atmosphere. Not jasmine flower health benefits bless us with its goodness, but also other sweet-smelling flowers like roses, lilac, magnolia, violet, gardenia,etc., also have the same kind of effect.

floral fragrance

3.Nurturing flowers

A sense of responsibility dawns upon any individual when he/she has to take care of nurturing a bundle of happiness. Quite like taking care of a baby itself, flowers or plans, even for that matter, seem to boost the self-esteem of a person, as he/she takes the small labour of love. A sense of accomplishment lightens as one has nourished it to its fullest, which beings the caretaker a sense of tranquillity.

nurturing flowers

4.Insists To Enjoy The Present

Sitting idle in a rose or lotus garden, observing nature undoubtedly brings us much joy. That is why people are insisted to enjoy the present moment by getting in touch with a peaceful environment like a natural garden setup.

getting in touch with a peaceful environment