How Flowers Help The Environment? - June 5 Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The environment consists of all living and non-living things which occur naturally. And flowers are one of the most beautiful things in our environment. Flowers are not just a beautiful part of nature, but there are lots of benefits of flowers in the environment.

How Flowers Help The Environment

From adding fragrance to the deo and room fresheners and from adding flavours to incense sticks to help us make natural Holi colours, flowers provide a plethora of benefits. Importance of flowers in the environment is so crucial that imagining a world without flowers is really daunting. Flowers attract butterflies, let humans express emotions, and planting native flowers help to reduce the excessive use of fertilizers and water. Flowers are also used to produce oil for improving mental and physical health in aromatherapy.

Here are some highlighted points to answer how flowers help the environment:

 Flowers Promote Natural Aeration of the Soil

Flowering plants Generate Fresh Oxygen

Flowers are a Source of Food

Beauty of the Flowers Helps Humans to Stay Relaxed and Calm

Some Flowers also Help Repel Unwanted Insects

Rose Petals have been Used in Cooking and Teas

Many Flowers have Medicinal Uses

Calendula Sunflower and Honeysuckle are used for Treating Sore Throats

Flowers Maintain the Stability of the Food Chain in the Ecosystem

Pollination Process Leads to the Production of Fruits

Our Mother Nature has given us Flowers and Nature will continue to do so till the earth will live. But we need to understand the importance and start planting more flowering plants on this World Environment Day.

So let’s take an oath that every year, we will give the environment more flowers on 5th June.