An Open Letter to a Boy who Has no Sibling

To all those boys who are being questioned on not having any sister

Are u a single child? You have no siblings? Did you not feel lonely in childhood? These questions have become a part of my life and I have grown up with comments like aww such a shame, poor u. I almost looked in the light of pity when I mentioned I have no siblings. For the longest time, I lived in misery and used to have fights with my parents about why they decided to not have a sibling for me. I felt so different and left out at times.

Childhood is a great time in anyone's life and having siblings adds an ample amount of joy to those memories. I always wanted to share my toys, playtime, food, treats with my siblings. Not only that even childhood fights become the best memories sometimes. It was so surreal listening to my pears with siblings how they love each other so much and all of a sudden they talk about the horrible fights they would have where they were ready to kill each other. And instantly after some time come back to normal as if they never fought.

Open Letter to a Boy who Has no Sibling

I fail to understand how that is humanly possible but suppose I would never know. I suppose having no sibling is always seen as pity and I always received sympathy especially on occasions such as Raksha Bandhan. I do agree that there are a lot of moments I would have missed because I had no sibling and I am sure I lack a lot of life lessons because I had no sibling while growing up.

I could be perceived as privileged sometimes because I never had to share anything with anyone ever. The social media and circle of friends make it worse sometimes when you constantly hear and see how amazing it Is to have siblings and how I am missing out on so much. The abundance of love they talk about and how siblings lift each other up.

My friends used to talk about how growing up they cant share things with their parents because of the generation gap but can confide in their siblings. Made me feel so left out and lost sometimes. But on the other hand, growing up as a single child I can say I had my own set of benefits which the world does not see. Most people who have siblings tend to depend on each other for physical and emotional support whereas I became my own support system and learned to tackle every situation by myself making me self reliant. I had constant attention from my parents round the clock and an abundance of love that never needed to be shared.

Not only that I always had the best of everything because my parents did not have to budget spending money between siblings, but it was also only me who received the best of everything. Thus received the best of education, toys, books, activities that have helped me a lot to develop a great personality and have pushed me towards a successful life. Thus I spoke over facts, I was actually living a better life compared to someone with siblings because practically, parents have to divide the resources when they have 2 or more children and in my case, I was the one who enjoyed all the resources. Thus I would like to say to everyone out there who has no siblings that it is not all as bad as it is perceived to be. If you have loving parents and a great family surrounding you, your childhood will be as amazing as anyone else.

So, there is no need to feel bad about having no siblings, you can let your friends and loved ones share your last piece of cake or your chocolate than your sister or brother. And, when it comes to celebrating Raksha Bandhan, you don’t need a blood relation to tie a rakhi on your wrist, you can celebrate the day with your family and friends. Order designer and eco friendly rakhi online and celebrate the day without any thoughts in your heads.

Yours Truly

Who has a family like yours and having no sibling doesn’t affect much