Ways To Make Your Father’s Day More Special

It’s not every day in life that you get a chance to pamper your hero--DAD. While you are fortunate enough to celebrate happy father’s day 2020 with your daddy, papa, appa, baba; why not seize the opportunity with open arms and Carpe Diem!

Fathers Day Celebration Ideas

Here are the ways to make father’s day celebration special and to make his chest puff in pride.

1. Make Him Morning Tea

Wake up early on Father’s Day morning and prepare tea for your dad. Wake him up, hug him, wish him Happy Father’s Day, and enjoy the cup of hot brewing cardamom tea with him while witnessing the breathtaking morning vistas from the balcony and basking in the glory of the sunshine.

Make Him Morning Tea

2. Pamper Him Throughout The Day

Everyone loves pampering, and so does your Dad. Father’s Day is one good opportunity for you to make him feel like a King because he is and will always be. First take him for a relaxing spa session, then to a salon for a makeover, and lastly shopping. Spoil him throughout the day, like a kid.

Pamper Him Throughout The Day

3. Brunch At His Favourite Restaurant

Father’s day falls on 21st June 2020, i.e. Sunday; perfect! He can’t get away with an excuse that he has office meetings or unfinished work to finish. It’s an official off. Drive him to his favourite restaurant for brunch, book in advance a happy father's day cake in his favourite flavour for the dessert. Later in the evening, you can go for a drink together and have some daddy-son moments.

Brunch At His Favourite Restaurant

4. Have A Movie Marathon At Home

You would agree, fathers, are lazy. He may not be in the mood to go for a movie, but movies can come to him. Still, guessing? Have a movie marathon at home. Cook butter popcorns, grab some snacks, cold drinks and binge-watch with all his favourite old talkies. You can also make him watch some of the recent releases. Choose movies of the genre he likes comedy, horror, action, drama.


5. Play Games With Him

Remember the old days when you used to eagerly wait for your dad’s return from the office so you could play with him? Not only you but your dad too misses those old days. On Father’s Day, live those days once again by playing cricket in the backyard, or have a game of chess, carrom, Ludo, cards with him.


6. Throw Him a Midnight Surprise Party

A day before Father’s Day, with the help of your mother and sibling, organize a small midnight surprise party for your dad. Plan everything like a secret mission and when the clock strikes 12, Boom! Sing, Dance, Laugh, and give him a surprise father's day gift ( keep this a secret one from your mom as well).

Throw Him a Midnight Surprise Party

7. A Weekend Getaway With Him

Father’s Day is on Sunday, that means your father has a weekend to chill and thrill. Plan a weekend getaway for him and with him to a nearby location. Make it a road trip because it is an experience he surely would love to embrace.

A Weekend Getaway With Him

8. Write For Him

If you have an affinity for words, then write down something for your dad. Maybe a few lines thanking him for all his love and support or a poem dedicated to your superman--Dad. Give words to your feelings and read to him aloud on Father’s Day. Later, hand him over the piece of writing along with a bunch of fresh flowers to conclude the day.

Write For Him

9. Plant A Tree For Him

Herb his enthusiasm for nurturing and nourishing a garden by dirtying your hands with him planting a sapling. Plant a tree that will continue to shade your and his life with happiness, comfort, and solace forever.

Plant A Tree

10. Spend Quality Time with Him

The biggest gift you can give him is the gift of your time. On Father’s Day, spend as much quality time with him as possible. Whether you have outing plans or are at home doing activities, make sure you are with each other. Listen, Talk, and Laugh Together! Also, in your day-to-day life try to spend time with him because every day is Father’s Day.

Spend Quality Time

We hope that above-mentioned affordable corporate gifts will help you to make your co-worker feel good!