How To Frost A Cake Like A Professional Baker

If you are new at baking and are planning to surprise your loved ones with a lip-smacking and well-decorated homemade frosted cake, congrats you’ve hit on the pot-of gold. In this blog post, we share tips and tricks on how to frost a cake like a professional baker. Read on.

First Things First!

First Things First!

Stack the Cake

When you are stacking the cake, always add a dollop of icing and spread it in the middle of the cake board. This will hold the cake in place. Fill the cake piping bag - start piping on the top of the cake, flatten out the frosting with a spatula. Then stack the next cake layer and repeat the process with other layers you will have on your cake. You can incorporate additional fillings on the cake layers.

Trim the cake

The first step for frosting the cake is making sure that the edges are well trimmed and all the tiers are completely aligned. So, to get an even cut to remove the uneven dome-shape on the cake - start by using the elongated serrated knife.

Trim the cake

Note:Use parchment paper to move the cake tiers hassle-free. Make sure that the cake is completely cool.

Spread the crumb coat

When you have completed stacking the cake layers, the next step is to apply a crumb coat to form a firm base for the frosting decorations. Pipe the frosting and spread evenly with a spatula. You can adjust the frosting layering the way you want.

Spin the turntable

Now you need to finish up the layering of your frosting by spinning the turntable. While one hand is holding the spatula, spin the turntable using your other hand. As you spin the table, draw the remaining frosting to the middle. Let the cake chill in the fridge for about 330 minutes.

Frost the cake sides

Spread a layer of icing on the sides of the cake, maintaining the consistency of the icing thickness. You do not have to worry about a few extra milliliters more or less at this point. Line up the cake scraper at an angle of 90 degrees and begin to spin the table. Spread the frosting on your scrapper’s surface.

Finish up the cake decorations

When you have completed smoothing the frosting, the next and final step is to finish up the decorations. It’s okay if you miss out on some edges, with more practices like this one - your experience will get better!

Here are some tricks to help you improve your cake baking and decorating skills:

Cake Domes- in most cases cake domes are caused by baking at high temperatures. Always check the thermometer and adjust accordingly. Wrapping wet cake strips around the cake will also help maintain baking temperatures.

Coating the cake-you can also cover up the uneven cake sides and top by finishing the coating decorations with colourful sprinkles, red velvet crumbs, and crushed nuts.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to frost a cake like a professional, perfect your skills by frequently surprising your loved ones with frosted cakes. You can also check your baking skill level by comparing your cake with one from a professional baker. Stay in the loop on the trending frosted cake designs with FlowerAura cakes.