Meaning Of Gifting A Lucky Bamboo Plant To Your Loved Ones

It is of utmost thoughtfulness to hand over a bamboo plant gift to someone. When you pick a bamboo plant to surprise someone, it means that you have picked the luck, and the receiver will now experience some good changes in his/her life. According to Feng Shui, the hollow structure of the lucky bamboo plant helps in the movement of Chi energy. The plant brings good luck and prosperity to the place it is placed in. Apart from the lucky side of the bamboo plant gift meaning, it is a good pick from gifting gestures as bamboo can produce 35% more oxygen.

Meaning Of Gifting A Lucky Bamboo Plant To Your Loved Ones

You can pick a bamboo plant potted or placed it in a beautiful vase or glass container without any second thought. But there are some technicalities which help you pick the best ones for the person you want to surprise. And the technicality of picking the bamboo gift plant depends on the number of stalks.

1 Stalk -

A bamboo plant with one stalk represents trust and commitment. It makes a good gift choice for someone who is really trustworthy and shows commitment towards his/her promises and work projects.

1 Stalk

2 Stalks -

Chinese people consider number 2 lucky as they believe all good things come in a pair. Hence, you can pick a bamboo plant gift with two stalks if you are about to attend a marriage ceremony or wedding anniversary.

2 Stalks

3 Stalks -

Number 3 represents happiness!! You can pick a bamboo plant with 3 stalks as a gift for someone who is just about to start a new beginning in life, as there will be an abundance of happiness.

3 Stalks

5 Stalks -

Number 5 represents five elements of nature – air, water, earth, fire, and wood. And when associated with bamboo, 5 stalks define happiness, balance, peace, harmony, and power, making it a perfect gift for someone who has a tense life.

5 Stalks

6 Stalks -

If we go by the Chinese Feng Shui belief, number 6 signifies blessing. A bamboo plant with six stalks will be a perfect gift to attract blessings in business projects and for personal growth.

6 Stalks

7 Stalks -

The number 7 is considered auspicious and lucky all around the globe as nature represents 7 through the rainbow, and we also 7 days in a week. You can gift 7 bamboo stalks to your soulmate to infuse love and romance into your relationship.

7 Stalks

8 Stalks -

According to Asian and Cantonese astrology, the number 8 is associated with wealth and joy. So, if you want someone to grow with joy as well as wealth, gift him/her a bamboo plant gift of 8 stalks.

8 Stalks

9 Stalks -

Indian culture has a vast scene of beliefs, and according to Indian Numerology, the number 9 is believed to be God’s number. Picking 9 stalks of bamboo among plant gifts, express that you want the receiver to grow in every aspect of life.

9 Stalks

Wrapping Up:

You can never go wrong with a bamboo plant as a gift. There are so many answers to the bamboo plant gift meaning, and even if you want to unsee all the luck related meaning, bamboo is a good gift as it helps in clearing the indoor air. As you look for bamboo plants for gifting purposes, it is better to shop for bamboo plants online as you will have better options for vases.