How to Grow Annual Shade Flowers

It is an undeniably pleasant moment in anyone's life when they get to come out to a garden right at the back of their house that opens them to immense leisure and happiness. And flowers are the thing that brings that vibrance to your appealing backwards. Has the thought of growing your favourite plants and flowers? Doing so isn't as easy, but only quick admiration of the kind and forever undying love for nature and fauna can help you go through the process of growing flowers that will be there to stay with you forever. And when we say forever, we mean shade flowers that are popular to go all year round except for some kinds. With a little research, you can have annual flowers in your background from any online florists, and they will be one to stay if kept with proper care. If you are ready to take on this challenge and enjoy the peace and happiness, it brings along, follow the below-written steps to have yourself a beautiful garden with annual flowers.

How to Grow Annual Shade Flowers

1. Annual flowers can be made with cutting and propagated from existing flowers. It is an easy procedure and reduces your hard work and chances of failure.

2. Cut or pluck any existing flower buds on the plants or by rendering some from online florists. This also helps in fixing the previous plant by shifting its focus from growing buds to growing roots.

Cut or pluck any existing flower buds

3. To make a new plant, take a stem at least 2 inches long or can go upto 6 inches too. The stems that are healthy are more preferable.

4. From the stem, take off any extra leaves so that it does not deviate from the purpose. Take the steam and dig it in soil or in water in a pot.

5. Keep the stem in a pot with soil and water it. To create a moist environment, cover the pot with a clear plastic sheet to increase the humid atmosphere. One thing to avoid is that the leaves of the plants don't touch the plastic bag because it will possibly rot after that.

 Keep the stem in a pot with soil and water

6. In about one to three weeks, new roots will start to develop and emerge from the plant. To check if roots are in work, you can try plucking the plant very gently, and if it doesn't come out, you know your plant is ready.

7. If you have the final pot in your mind, take the plant from the old one and put it in a new one that should be at least 4 to 6 inches long. Direct sunlight for upto 3 days should be available to the plant for it to get going well and good.

8. You can also grow the roots of these plants in water by keeping the stem in a vase filled with water until the root starts to show up. After the roots are developed, you can change the water every now and then and then ultimately hinge it to a pot with soil.

keeping the stem in a vase