Why I Love My Father: A Father's Day Tribute

Throughout the world, fathers are considered to be the head of their family. However, only a handful of people truly understand the vital role a father plays in the family. Our dads are the roots of our family tree. Keeping us grounded, nurturing us with good beliefs, these are the roles our dad’s plays in our life. Father's Day, thus, is a very important day, when we the children get a chance to say how much they love their dads.

A Father's Day Tribute

And, we convey our feelings with the best father's day gifts to our dads. Before we go ahead, here is a small recap of how we came to celebrate father’s day and why we get our dads’ fathers day gifts.

History of Father's Day

History of Father's Day

Father's day is celebrated throughout 52 countries all over the world on the 3rd Sunday of June. Sonora Dodd, who wanted to pay tribute to the father figures in her life on that special day, held the first Father's Day celebration on June 19, 1910. During its first years on the calendar, the day was not regarded by a lot of people as they feared that it might become highly commercialised. Finally, in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson openly supported the cause of Father's Day. Nowadays, this occasion is celebrated with much fanfare and father's day gifts online throughout the world.

Tribute to Father's Day

Tribute to Father's Day

Our dads are there always to protect us and encourage us to strive to be the best version of ourselves. Having a special day marked and set aside for the celebration of the efforts our dads put in is a great way of showing our affection. So, if you want to celebrate Father's Day, ensure that you plan some activity and get him a fathers day gift as a surprise.

To begin with, you can gift a customised fathers day cake with name to your dad with a lovely message on how you appreciate everything he has done for you. Another idea to celebrate father’s day would be to arrange a day out with your old man where you take him to the best restaurants and hotspots of the town. Top it up with customised fathers day mugs!

The importance and impact of a dad is most often felt when they are not near us. We rely heavily on their guidance, and this absence is felt even more as we become adults. That is the place they occupy in our hearts.Here are some stories from our members at FlowerAura where they lovingly recall their dads and announce 'Why “they” Love “their” Fathers’ so dearly!

From Ridhi

Words fail me when I have to describe Why I Love My Dad. There is not one but many reasons. Wait! As I write down this, I think, Do I need a reason to love my Dad? Isn't the fact that he is the reason I came into this world enough to shower love on him. I love him even without reasons. I don't need an excuse to love him. I love you, Dad!

From Kiran

From the day he held my hand when I was born to the day he handed over my hand to the one I belong, he was always by my side in my thick and thin. He remembers each and every detail about me. Has always believed in me, supported me, guided me, and loved me unconditionally. He doesn’t show much like usual fathers do, but I know he is there for me whenever I need him. Words can’t describe how much I love my father.

From Duyti

I have never seen anyone as patient while dealing with a spoilt brat like me :p ...I guess this is one of the qualities why I love my father. No matter how many times I mess things up or let him down, he is probably the only one who lifts up my spirits and patiently convinces me to give it another try. I may give up on myself, but he never does!

From Preeti

A father is undoubtedly the purest bliss anyone can ever have. We all fall out of words while expressing why we love our father. I love my father because he is the most selfless being around me. His loving and guarding nature can never be compared to any luxury in this world. I love him as I found a sense of calmness and strength within me whenever he is around.

From Neha

I and my father share a similar love for food. We are big foodies who love to try new flavours and experiment with new meals. He is the one who pushes me to do better daily, even if I cook something not too tasty, but he tastes it and tells me where I can improve myself. This is just a snippet of why I love my dad and respect him so much.

From Ishita

How do you tell someone why you love them? If you're anything like me, it's not something you have always been comfortable doing or even something you did very often. Putting my thoughts together about why I love my father was not an easy feat for me. My dad has always been a guy that does not necessarily expect or accept praise or compliments. He has never liked to draw attention to himself, and even as a toddler, he would insist that the focus be turned away from him. The reasons why we love our parents are as different as we are. For me, it's my father's sense of humor, his generosity, and his willingness to give the shirt off his back if someone is cold. It's why he taught me to play chess and throw a spiral and always made time for family dinners. Daddy is the one and only love of my life. He always cheers me up when I am sick. He takes me to parties and to school, even though it is not near his job, and he does this every morning and night without complaining.

From Anamika

There can’t be enough reasons to justify why I love my dad. Everything that he has done and taught me, from being a child to growing up, has made me the person I am today, but there is one thing that I absolutely love about him, and that is his attitude towards life. He has always taught me to make the best of every day and to begin each new day with new hopes and dreams, learning from the past but never holding on to it. I love you, Dad, for giving me wisdom, for letting me have my own set of experiences, and yet to always be there by my side when in need.

From Aaditya

If I need to compile it in minimum, I will say that my Father's silent love is what I adore. We don't exchange many sentences throughout the day, but hearts keep talking. He is a man who lives by the agenda of Live and let live. He always supports me in my decisions and choices and yet manages to stop me before taking a wrong turn.

From Phainos

There are some relationships that you sometimes question - yourself why you know such people?. But, in a relationship like the one I have with my father, I have no thoughts or doubts to ask “Why I love my father”. I thank the Gods for blessing me with a real-life hero. My father always went the extra mile to put food on the table, a roof over the family’s head and a smile on our faces. He always shows his love and care, all the time and conducts himself in a positive approach to challenges in life. My dad has been in my life since the day I was born. He has been encouraging me to find my purpose, passions, and talents so that I reach my full potential in life.

From Sneha

I have always found my father to be an inspirational figure in my life. He has always had my back. Never once did he force me to do or become someone I did not wish to be. From letting me take complete charge of my career to relying on my opinions about the toughest decisions within the family, never once did I feel like my point of view was not regarded in my household, all thanks to my dad.

He truly has been my biggest supporter! And I have become a reflection of him!

Happy father’s day to dads everywhere!


Team FlowerAura.