How To Make A Designer Cake At Home

A lip-smacking and enticing cake gesture is an irresistible offering. There is a variety of cake decoration ideas anyone can incorporate into their cakes. And some of the most appealing and enticing options can be found among online designer cakes. Make the best impressions on your loved ones with a freshly home-baked designer cake.

cake decorating ideas at home

In this post, we share tips on how to make a designer cake at home.

1. Fruit toppings

Fruits are quite a rewarding delicacy to have in summers, nothing simply soothes from the hot weather than fresh fruits. So, top the cakes with a fusion of fruits like grapes, diced apples, bananas, and berries. Also, take the fruity cake treat surprise to the next level by adding slices of fruits between layers of cake. The trick to making enticing fruit cakes lie in how fresh the fruits are, how they are cut, and decorated. And you can also substitute cake frosting with fruit toppings.

Fruit toppings

2. Icing sugar

If you are short of time for the bake, then icing sugar is one of the best cake decorating ideas at home. Icing sugar gives a cake an enticing fondant appearance and emboldens the lip-smacking taste. All you simply need to do is choose the perfect tools to cast your icing sugar. Check out some of the trending icing sugar cake decoration ideas.

Icing sugar on cake

3. Frosting

Cake frosting is one of the best ways to decorate cakes. There are many frosting decoration ideas from which to choose depending on the cake, recipient, and occasion. And using frosting helps turn those cake disasters to create an enticing cake. With a bit of time on your hands, you can make the cake frosting. You can also order pre-made frosting. You will not come up with a perfectly frosted cake; so, give yourself time to master the art of decorating cakes with frosting. Try new things like adding fresh fruits, chocolates, and different coloured frosting.

Frosting cake

4. Chocolates and Candies

Looking for the perfect cake that will express your love and happiness to your loved one on his/her birthday? Chocolate cakes are some of the best designer cake recipe ideas of all time that will surely make an impression on anyone. Some of the best chocolate cake options are Kit Kat and Pinata cakes. Spruce up the cake with the enticing and lip-smacking molten chocolate cream. And also, add chocolate bars, sweets, and candies to the cake. Check out some amazing decoration ideas for birthday cakes.

Chocolates and Candies

5. Coconut Enveloping

There is no better feeling in the world than satiating sweet tooth cravings with a coconut cake. Give your loved ones are an irresistible healthy coconut cake bite. There are many varieties of coconut cakes from which to choose depending on your favourite flavours and decorations. And it’s quite easy to design a cake with coconut enveloping. So, make sure to add coconut shavings on top of the creamy white frosted cake.

Coconut Enveloping

6. Flying Balloons

Balloon cakes are one of the best party vibing cakes of all time. Spruce up your celebrations with a colour-popping cake with balloons. The cake sill surely draws anyone’s attention, and sparks cherished memories. Some of the amazingly fresh and creative ideas include decorating the cake with colourful sprinkles matching the balloons.

cake decorating tips

7. Crunchy Nuts

Crunchy toasted nuts are quite a treat to have on any occasion. When you merge the soothing nutty taste with a freshly baked cake, you get a lip-smacking and enticing cake. Sprinkle walnuts or nuts on your cake will look and taste marvellous. If you're the bitter chocolate cake, walnuts are an honest match.

Crunchy Nuts

8. Flowers

Colourful blooms make everyone happy. And, when cake and flowers close, magic happens. Cover the cake with flower leaves (moulded with edible fondant). If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can also enjoy making the fondant flowers. You can simply order premade fondant flowers to simply adorn your cake. Sometimes, cake decoration without icing seems pretty nice.

cake decorating ideas at home

In Conclusion

Now you know how to make a designer cake at home, go ahead and set up for the bake! Check your baking and designing skills by ordering designer cakes in Delhi to compare with your freshly home-baked cakes. And stay on the lookout for new cake designs for 2021 on your favourite online platform and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.