How To Make A Rock Garden Yourself

Having a garden nearby is really a blessing and having a garden in your backyard is just heavenly! We know that growing a backyard garden is actually a tough job, but it's gratifying; therefore, it's worth every drop of sweat you break making it. There are different types of gardens available, but the one that has become popular in the last few years is the rock garden. No, no! We are not talking about the one in Chandigarh, but it is a type of garden also known as Rockery. Here, soil and rocks are placed in a certainly designed way that promotes the growth of plants around them, giving them a very natural look. This type of cleaver landscaping with rocks can give the garden an astonishing look and even take you away from all your worries while giving you the feeling of mountains. So, today we are here to help you turn your garden into a rockery. So, here are some tips and tricks on How to make a rock garden yourself; read on!


Location is The Key

We all know that plants need a certain amount of light and that too in a certain way to grow properly. In the case of Rockery, then, this becomes even more important as you want the plants to grow in a way they become one with their surroundings. That is why planning your rock garden in the perfect location is essential. First, consider the size of your garden; if you are planning a big garden, then it should be in the open with lots of direct sunlight and away from tall trees; however, if you wish to make a miniature rock garden, then it should be where there is plenty of shade. If you live near a hilly area, then it's better to plan your garden on the southern side of the hill so that you get maximum light.

rock garden

Select The Perfect Rocks

As the name suggests, rocks are essential for this particular garden; hence you must be very careful with the kind of rocks you get for your garden. First, if it is a miniature garden, do not go for big rocks, as they will ruin the look of your place. Next, always go for stones that are natural to the place you live so that plants can adapt to the rocks around them quickly.

rock garden

Placement of Rocks

The placement of your rocks impacts the growth of the plants nearby, so always place your plants in a slightly slanted position so that the rainwater is directed towards the roots of the plants nearby.

rock garden

Selecting Plants

A garden is obviously incomplete without beautiful plants, so make select the best ones. These gardens require some hardy plants, and they are available as online plant that you can order quickly. Outdoor plants online that you can add to your garden include Cactus, Mammillaria, and Ceres, along with Jade and Aloe plants.

rock garden


A rock garden can be your happy place, and with a bit of help from us, you can design the place of your dreams, happy gardening!