How To Repot A Money Tree With Root Rot

Money trees are one of the most favourite house plans that require very low maintenance. This particular house plant is known to attract good luck and prosperity. Overwatering the money plant is surely one of the most common practices among people. However, overwatering any of your house plants can instantly lead to problems like root rot which is really harmful to your plant.

How To Repot A Money Tree With Root Rot

What is root rot?

However, root rot is a quite common problem when it comes to money plants, but it is very important to save your plant and make it all healthy and blooming all over again. You need not panic as you can still save your money by following some simple and careful steps. But before that, we need to apprehend what root rot actually is. When your plant roots are residing in some waterlogged soil for a quite long time, it tends to attract a disease called root rot. In this particular disease, the roots of your plant tend to get rotten because of poor drainage as well as overwatering. One needs to attend to this issue very wisely in order to save the plant.

How To Repot A Money Tree With Root Rot

How can one identify that money plant is facing root rot?

Saggy leaves - As it is known to everyone that when the roots of the plant are not able to absorb the much-needed nutrients and essentials from the soil, it can make the plant look very dull and undernourished. When you spot wilting leaves in your money plant, it is definitely a symptom of root rot.

Discolouration in leaves - It is known to everyone that the money plant tends to have lush green leaves when it is healthy and properly nourished. On the other hand, if you start noticing that the leaves of your money plant are now turning brown and yellow in colour, the most common cause of this issue could be overwatering which can later lead to the trouble of root rot.

How to repot a money tree with root rot

Steps to repot your money plant after root rot

How To Repot A Money Tree With Root Rot

- First of all, you need to clear the damage. Remove the plant from the existing soil. Now watch the roots properly with fresh running water. You need to wash away as much soil as you can to eliminate the affected parts.

- Now trim all the affected routes through scissors. You may need to eliminate a significant part of the root rot to make it healthy again.

- Use an effective fungicide on the healthy roots of the plant to protect it from any other harmful fungus.

- After cleaning the damage, now it’s time to transfer your money plant into new and clean soil. You can choose a port with proper drainage holes.

- Now repot the plant in the new potting mix and allow watering only when the top layer of the soil is dry.

- Make sure not to fertilise this particular plant during the re-growing process.

So, follow these wise steps and make your money tree all healthy and lush green once again. You can buy a fresh money plant online and spruce up your living room.