How to Easily Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants at Home

What are the lucky bamboo plants?

Lucky Bamboo Plants are the low maintenance low light houseplants. They are considered as a houseplant that brings good fortune, prosperity, and good luck. Also known as the Dracaena sanderiana or braunii, this plant is a tropical water lily native to Africa, but now this is grown worldwide as a good-luck plant. According to the Feng Shui, lucky bamboo plants are considered a very potential gifting option as it is believed to bring good luck for the recipients. Lucky bamboo is a very popular houseplant in thousands of homes, and you can now find arrangements for sale almost anywhere-often in supermarkets and gift shops, as well as garden stores and home improvement gardening centers. The best part about Lucky Bamboo plants is their low maintenance structure as they don’t require soil, fertilisers or a certain degree of sunlight to grow. Also, they don’t demand regular water, and you can give them a fair amount of water every 7-8 days and boom here they bring you prosperity and double luck!

Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants at Home

How to Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants at Home Quickly:

There are undoubtedly many ways of growing bamboo plant at home. It depends on your style how you want it to look like. It totally depends on whether you want to grow the lucky bamboo plant hydroponically or with the help of soil. We have come up with two easy methods for you to get the fastest growing bamboo plant at home.

1. Grow Bamboo Plant in Water:

This is the most popular method of growing the bamboo plant at homes. People usually prefer this method because it is not only easy to do but is also hassle-free as it doesn’t require the materials like soil, sunlight, fertilisers and regular maintenance. Also, it looks like a good showpiece when kept in a clear vase. They are usually kept in pebbles or orbeez balls. Here are the steps on how to grow Bamboo Plant in water:

  • Choose a clear vase or a beautiful glass pot where you can check the water levels of the Bamboo plant and keep a track on the roots of your lucky bamboo plant.
  • Put enough pebbles or stones in the vase to stabilise it and to make sure it doesn’t fall down with the weight and height of the bamboo.
  • Look for a plant with bright green leaves, never choose a plant with yellow or brown leaves as it is a sign that the plant is unhealthy or old.
  • Look for a tall vase, as an indoor plant may grow up to 3 feet long so it should be long enough to hold the bamboo plant.
  • Place the bamboo plant right in the vase and water it swiftly. The lucky bamboo will need at least 1 to 3 inches (3-8 cm) of water to thrive properly.
Grow Bamboo Plant in Water

2. Grow Bamboo Plant in Soil:

The second most popular way to grow a lucky bamboo plant is the traditional way of growing bamboo in soil. Although bamboo plants are water growing plants that might bloom in a soil-less environment, they grow fine in well-draining soils as well.

  • Choose a proper Bamboo plant with bright green leaves, white stem and good odour. Do not choose a plant that produces foul smell as it is not good.
  • Purchase a right vase preferably tall and with a big diameter as it has to hold soil, water and fertiliser with bamboo altogether. A lucky bamboo plant, when grown in soil, might grow up to 5 feet tall.
  • Buy a well-draining soil to fill the lucky bamboo container and combine fertiliser, peat moss and sand.
  • Rinse off the roots and stem of the lucky bamboo plant. Don’t forget to cut off the yellow leaves to grow a healthy, lucky bamboo plant.
  • Put at least 2 inches of the bamboo plant in the soil container and boom you are all set to get a good fortune!
  • Put the lucky bamboo plant next to a window, or in your lawn or someplace that gets direct sunlight.
Grow Bamboo Plant in Soil

lucky bamboo plant is a houseplant that brings really good fortune if you take care of it. According to feng shui, the lucky bamboo plant must be placed in the east for health or in the south-east for wealth. Be careful to water your bamboo plant every week for a healthy plant, and if the stalks get too long, you can cut it and place it another pot and wait for the new bamboo plant to shoot up. So, next time when you are confused about what to gift your friends and relatives, don’t forget to give them good fortune with the help of a lucky bamboo plant.

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