Gift these Exotic Plants to your Dear Ones on their Birthday

Gift-giving happens throughout the year on our loved one’s special days and birthday is a special one! From gifting bouquet of flowers; the trend is now slowly shifting to gifting plants. And why not? A plant is not just a gift; it’s fresh air and greenery wrapped with your wishes. But the real question that looms is which plant to gift on your special one's birthdays? We end up scrambling to make sense of what your friend or loved one would like and appreciate. Well, luckily for you, we are here to get you out of this dilemma. Scroll down a bit, and you will find the list of best plants that you can gift to your dear ones on their birthday.

Exotic Plants for your Dear Ones

1. Dazzling Jade Plant

Well, this is probably the cutest plant that you will see. A perfect gift for your dear ones! The plant will give a beautiful look to the home interiors. Also, jade plants can survive for a long period of time due to the ability to store water in the stems. So, give this forever living gift on your loved one’s birthday, and it will always remind them of you.

Dazzling Jade Plant

2. Fortunate Money Plant

The name says it all. It doesn’t grow money on its leaves, but it can surely attract positive energy, open the doors for wealth and keep diseases at bay. Gift money plant to your loved ones on their birthday and make their day special with your thoughtfulness. The plant can be placed anywhere in the house and requires less care.

Fortunate Money Plant

3. Lucky Bamboo

A perfect good-looking plant that can bring a smile on anyone’s face. This plant grows well in daylight which makes it an ideal present for home or office work area. Additionally, as the name suggests, lucky bamboos are related to bringing success, happiness, and favorable luck (particularly when given as a gift!).

Lucky Bamboo

4. Sophisticated Peace Lily

The sweet little plant makes a perfect gifting choice, and your dear ones will love this plant. Peace Lily symbolizes peace, prosperity, tranquillity, solitude, and purification. Send this evergreen gift that spreads love in a nurturing manner and also has health benefits.

Sophisticated Peace Lily

5. Filtering Areca Palm Plant

The best and NASA certified air-purifying plant! The Areca Palm Plant is not just a gift. It is the most efficient air-purifier that will purify the air around your loved one's surroundings. With its feathery leaves, it grabs the attention of everyone. Also, growing it indoors isn't difficult. So, here's more than one reason, why should you gift this green beauty.

Filtering Areca Palm Plant

So, this pretty much sums up one of the best gifting plants that you can send to your dear one on their special day. So, on this birthday, while looking for birthday gifts for him/her; you should think about gifting a living gift that will always grow with proper care. You can shop for these plants and many other plants from FlowerAura’s exclusive collection of exotic plants. Happy gifting!