Know How To Get Rid of Plant Fungus

“Fungi are the grand recyclers of the planet and the vanguard species in habitat restoration.”- Paul Stamets

Although we agree with this viewpoint. Nonetheless, as nurturers, we can’t see fungus ruining the lives of our healthy lush green plants. Being a nurturer, it becomes your duty to even play another such part that of a protector’s. Just showing interest in some plant-related research work or to buy plants online as decor pieces won’t do. In order to actually nurture a plant, you need to show some genuine care and love, as if it is not just a plant but rather your own baby.

Know How To Get Rid of Plant Fungus

Plant fungus is quite like the diseases that happen to us annoying, frustrating and eventually making us sick. Fungal diseases in plants happen quite often due to mild humid or damp weather conditions or due to some pathogens waiting in the soil to sneak up on your new green fellow. Every fungus likes the humidity so while taking care of your plants you need to check the temperature/ humidity level of your garden or the place you have planted it. It is said that these fungi, if not treated properly, can exploit plant’s weaknesses, making it prone to more such diseases and insect pests. Hence to figure out the solution to - how to get rid of white fungus on plants? is much needed. So to seek some effective plant fungus treatment ways, we did our research and have suggested a few ways how to get rid of white fungus on plants effectively. Simultaneously, we have even answered your question as to how to get rid of fungus gnats effectively. Make sure to give it a read.

1. Treat Plant Fungus With Baking Soda Like A Pro!

If your plant has been attacked with mildew then it becomes very difficult to completely eradicate it. But you can use this simple remedy on your green plants - that are or have been affected with mildew and other fungus issues.

●Take one gallon of water, one- half teaspoon of liquid soap and one tablespoon of baking soda. Make sure to use it immediately and not to store it somewhere. Keep a check on the amount of liquid soap that you add to the mixture.
●A portion of horticultural oil is advised to be added into this mixture. As this oil will help the mixture to stick to the leaves and suffocate the fungus. Thereby, killing it eventually.
●Make sure it is not too much otherwise the leaves of the plants can get accidentally burned up.
●Do not pour the mixture when the plant is exposed to full sunlight.
●Before application of this mixture to your plants, water it for a few days.
●Start by pouring the mixture partially to check whether your plant reacts or not. Then apply it to its other parts.

Make Mixture to Eradicate Fungus

2. Know About Fungus Gnats And Get Rid Of Them!

Fungus Gnats are minor houseplant pests which if infested is sure to have some detrimental effects on plant growth. Absolutely harmless to humans, these fungus gnats when it lays eggs and expands its population starts to feed on plants’ roots. So, if your poor green friend is suffering an attack from fungus gnats then here’s how to protect it from them.

Sticky Card Traps - One of the most effective ways to trap these houseplant pests is sticking a yellow notecard covered in a sticky adhesive. Cut into small squares and place directly on top of the soil. When these pests crawl up to your plant, they will get trapped and stuck onto your sticky arrangement. Thereby, keeping your plant safe and sound.

Sticky Card Traps

Cider- Vinegar Treatment - Take a shallow container and fill it with an equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar. This liquid should be approx ¼-inch deep. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap into the mixture and stir it well. Place the solution near the base of the affected plant or on top of the soil. Keep refilling it with new vinegar and water.

 Apple Cider

FlyPaper Ribbons - Usually used to catch outdoor flies, but can also be used to catch fungus gnats. Effective yet quite creating a mess by easily get stuck to things you don’t want them to stick to, such as furniture, hair, etc.

Flypaper Ribbons

So, these were a few measures to get rid of plant fungus. Let us know which method suited your green friend, the most. We would love to know that! Get well soon, dear green friend! May you fight back and recover speedily, as possible.

Regards and Prayers!