How to Grow Plants in Water in 6 Easy Steps

Low maintenance relationships, girlfriends, work lives, jobs, cars and whatnot. We all love things that don't require extensive effort and yield appreciable results. But did you ever wonder that plants could be low maintenance too? Well here's a thought for the day. Plants that grow in water are actually the low maintenance plants that you are searching for. Bringing the same kind of beauty and purification to your house they ask for nothing but a cleanse every few days. In our busy lives, there is nothing better than opting for potted plants online but in water that you can keep indoors and get all the perks. This journey of falling in love with plants is completed with small steps each time. And the first thing to do if you are just beginning to fall in love with them is to get plants that require not much effort and yield similar results of bringing positivity and vibrancy to the house. And if you are looking to increase diversity in your collection of plants then also this will be the right direction to step in. To ease your way we will tell you how to grow plants in water in 6 easy steps and these are the 6 most easy things you will do in a day without a doubt.

How to Grow Plants in Water in 6 Easy Steps

1. Decide which plant to grow

Plants like lucky bamboo and peace lily, palm and others can be grown well in water. To get them all you have to do is buy plants online from a reliable portal and the journey begins thereon. Make sure that the plant you choose is suitable to be placed indoors and likes a minimal amount of sunlight. Of course, a plant will need a thriving amount of sunlight to keep it living and growing but any more than that sometimes causes harm to plants and before you take responsibility for one you have to know its needs and requirements along with compatibility.

Decide which plant to grow

2. Find a vessel

A vessel suited for water plants has to be narrower from the top and wider from the bottom to let the plant grow and expand on the bottom all while it does not slip entirely from the top and into the water. It can be a long cylindrical vessel with a narrow top from where the leaves of the plant can keep being out. Or it can be a wider vessel but the top should still restrict the leaves from dipping inside. You can buy it online or find one in your house. Although to make it very classy you can go for a customised one that can be bought online.

3. Make a cutting

If you are making a water plant at home all you have to do is take a cutting from an existing plant in the house. Cut at least two leaves to increase your chances of it growing. But the leaves right below the nodes so that its capacity to keep growing stays with it. It's important to remember that it isn't the easiest thing to propagate a plant at home and you may have to do it several times. But don't lose hope if it takes more than one try because good things take time and here all you have to wait for is luck because the task is pretty easy and doable you just have to get it right.

Make a cutting

4. Plant the cutting

After you have taken cuttings from the plants and taken two leaves out of the plant you like you have to fill the selected vessel with enough water and place the leaves in it as well. Keep them at a slight distance to give them space to grow and strengthen properly. The next thing to do is place them at a place with sufficient sunlight for the plant to be able to grow and a place that has proper scores ventilation so the plant can breathe. The water has enough oxygen for the plant to start alive and a fresh source of wind is always a boon.

5. Find a place

You can keep the plant near a window or a showcase or a dressing table, dining table, bedside table, centre table, kitchen and any other place where you find it fit. The place should have proper living conditions and it should also fit the home decor and increase its look. You can also choose to keep the plant in your office or workplace to spread a tint of positivity there as well and of course, you can choose to gift it to a loved one after it is growing and thriving.

6. Change water

Keep changing the water of the plant every week or two especially if you observe it turning green. Water has to be clean for the plant to be able to breathe efficiently with the oxygen that is in the water but for it, it has to be clean with no organisms growing in the water and creating a hurdle. You can throw the water that you want to change and refill the vessel with tap water without worries.

Change water