How To Make A Terrarium Plant For Free - DIY Terrarium

The people who love plants are those who have attained the divine happiness of heaven on earth. And as you are reading this, you have already earned our respect. You are the one who is reading how to make a terrarium, and it means you are ready to add more greenery to the world.

making a terrarium

To help you out, here is the simplest form of words you need to read to succeed:

Choose A Perfect Glass Container

Well, when we talk about a terrarium, glass is the thing that pops right away! So, the first thing that you need to have with you is a glass container. And as we are talking about making a terrarium for free, you need to look around your home to find a glass container. Make sure that you only pick a container made of clear glass as coloured glass containers tend to stop the growth of the plant. You can take a glass bowl from your kitchen, or you can cut the glass bottle from the center.

making a terrarium

You Need Rocky Pebbles Too

Apart from staying close to nature and having fresh air, terrariums are loved by many because of their extravagant hold on beautifying the place where they are placed. And on their course of decor, pebbles play an integral role. You can collect the pebbles from your nearby area. It will be better if you can find pebbles in different colors and different patterns. If your collection of pebbles seems perfect to you, go with it, and if not, you can paint the pebbles accordingly.

making a terrarium

Pick Your Plant

The habitat that you live in and your personal choices need to meet at a point so that you can have a plant that stays green and healthy for a long time with minimum care. There are so many different types of plants that you can choose from to be the main highlight of your terrarium. While making a terrarium, all the aspects point towards a single goal of beauty, and the choice of plant is highly important. What type of plant you will pick also depends on the place where you will showcase your terrarium.

making a terrarium

You can buy terrarium plants online to have an example to match and to double the greenery!

The Best Soil

The beauty of making a terrarium depends on the quality of soil more than anything else. If you fail to get the best quality soil as per the type of the plant, your plant will not survive for long, and there will be no beauty and no point of terrarium if there is no natural green. You need to read about the soil type that your chosen plant goes well with. Remember that you don’t have to fill the container too high with the soil.

making a terrarium

Assembling Your DIY Terrarium

1. Whichever glass container you have picked, make sure to clean it thoroughly and let it dry perfectly before you start.

2. Put some little rocks on the base of the container and cover the rocks with a fine layer of moss.

3. Now add a layer of soil with soft hands, and without pushing the soil too much.

4. Put the plant in and set it with the remaining soil.

5. Provide your terrarium with the first dose of water.

6. To attain DIY terrarium status while making a terrarium for free, you can paint some small designs around the container. Make sure to not cover the container fully in colours.

We hope you achieve perfection with your terrarium-making project at home. When you find yourself in love with the plant, get yourself many more through online plants delivery.