How to Grow Moss in a Terrarium Plant - Quick Guidance

People have been trying to get rid of moss from their gardens, planters and surroundings forever. Then what is this big deal about Mosses making a comeback? Is there any benefit associated with moss growth and cultivation? Also, why is it so that moss is usually considered harmful? What is a moss terrarium? We are going to answer it all! This blog will find detailed guidance on what moss is and why people are growing it.

moss terrarium

A “mossy” affair

Moss has been considered a parasite by many horticulturists over the years. After all, they did not need any tending to or any care, yet somehow these weeds proliferated. So much so that people have been trying to get rid of them by salting their garden soils and flower beds, eliminating dampness, and keeping it damp-free. And… all of that is true! Moss is, in fact, a pest to the plants. There have been many types of research that point out to the fact that moss can also trigger allergic reactions and create breathing problems. Along with these health concerns, moss also kills the chance of new plant growth and can severely affect the land patch.

But, all of these things aside, there have been findings of many ornamental moss varieties which add splendour and glamour to their surroundings without hampering anyone or any plant. In fact, moss is a common and popular plant choice in aquatic decor such as aquariums. The other important area of application for moss is as terrarium plants.

Terrarium mosses

The usage of moss happens to be derived from the Japanese way of life. Being an essential part of the Zen aesthetics, mosses were used in garden decoration and planning. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the lusciousness of moss is to grow and care for it yourself. So, here is a step by step guide to how you can grow and finally upkeep your ornamental terrarium moss.

moss terrarium

Moss growing tips

Moss is found naturally, growing in many different surfaces. However, if you wish to grow ornamental moss right from the scratch, follow these techniques:

moss terrarium

1. Buy premium ornamental moss in a small quantity. Browse to find the best suited decorative moss type and cultivate it further to grow moss in bulk for your terrarium.

2. Add buttermilk to facilitate growth. Chop up moss, add it to some freshly produced buttermilk, and sprinkle it on the surface you wish to grow your moss in.

3. For terrarium purposes, we recommend you spray this mixture on a smooth soil surface. Avoid rocky terrain and concrete surfaces as that becomes an extra hurdle for the growth of moss.

Moss takes about six weeks to achieve its complete growth phase. Be patient, and moss will bloom!

You can most certainly buy moss just like you buy plants online. Most online plant stores will have a wide variety of moss that can be used for home decoration purposes. Whether you are grabbing some moss for your aquarium or terrarium or even to create a nice aesthetic look at your backyard and garden space, visit these online websites after you have finished your research. Please find out the different species of moss that will enhance the look of your terrariums and other decor pieces before purchasing them from online resources.