15 Reasons To Call Your Dad Every Day

When life takes us beyond our teenage years, we all tend to step out of our homes and want to stay far away. Some go to colleges and some choose to go abroad for work. At that moment, what we left behind was our parents. On one side, they are happy for us as we are paving paths for our future, but on the other hand, they start to feel lonely and incomplete. Moms stay in touch by making phone calls and by receiving phone calls, but most of us don’t think about calling dad every day. A dad is the one who is soft at heart but hard outside. He also wants to know what you are doing, how’s your health, and if you need something or not.

15 Reasons To Call Your Dad Every Day

It could be your Father’s Day reading or just your normal day reading stuff over the internet. Here we mention fifteen reasons you should call your dad every day.

1.He doesn't ask you often, but he wants to know what you are upto - It's a common thing with dads that they don't express, and in line with that, your dad will not ask you very often what you are doing like your mom. But he surely wants to know, and that's why you should call him and tell him about your schedules.

2.You call your mom a lot, and thus, he feels a bit left out - Your father surely gets to know things from your mom, and he also cares for her, but as you call your mom away more than you call your dad, he may feel a bit left out. Call your dad every day!

3.Keep reminding him how much you love him - As the world says, people share a hodgepodge kind of relationship with dads and don't tend to express love to dad as they do to mom. So, another reason to call your dad every day is to keep reminding him how much you love him. Before putting the call down, don't forget to say, 'I LOVE YOU, DAD'.

4.You are your father's shadow - Whatever you are today, and wherever you are in life, it is because you somehow carry the shadow of your father in yourself. His teaching and his words have helped you a lot in many different ways. And so, the least you can do is make a call to him.

5.He loves you and worries about you - Father doesn't really express, but they care for the children more than anyone else and stay worried more than the moms. While you are away, you can put all your father's worries away by just a call that only lasts for seconds.

6.He definitely is your best friend; you just need to find the way - All the experiences of life that you are having while you are out of your home, your dad has been through all of them. Best friends help you in situations where no one else does, but you will find that your dad is your best friend if you try prominently.

7.You can talk sports with him that you can't with your mom - Rare is a chance that someone claims to have a dad who doesn't love sports. Sometimes you really want to talk about the sports news rolling around the world, and you can't be a perfect person. Stop looking outside as your father is the one with whom you can talk sports every day.

8.He taught you many things; teach him the tech - The world is pacing, and technologies are upgrading every second. It is quite possible for most readers that their dads don't know much about technology. So, you can call your dad every day at a fixed time and talk him through what's new in the tech market and which gadgets can be beneficial for him.

9.You need on-point and blunt advice to succeed, and only your dad can do that - From your childhood to your teenage and till now, there is only one person who knows the art of scolding you. We all tend to take advice from many people, but the best one to get the advice from is your dad. He won't sugarcoat and will say whatever is right.

10.Call your dad every day to keep a check on his health - There should be nothing more important for you than your father's health. He may be ignoring his treatments or medicines or the routine health check-up, and you can make him follow them. Call him every day and keep a check on his health.

11.He won't keep the call long as your mom does - We know young people don't like to talk with their parents for too long over a phone call. And that's what dads know more than anyone else. Your dad will never talk more than 5 minutes at max. Moms do think that 'bye' is another form of 'by the way'.

12.You want some humour; you call your dad - While fathers look like that angry young one, there is no match to them when it comes to being humorous. You become friends with your dad, and you will die laughing. If you don't believe us, call your dad every day, and you will be laughing every night before bed.

13.You can talk about whiskeys too - You talk about anything alcohol in front of your mom, you are sure to be smacked with a slipper. A careful and limited whiskey consumption is good for the body, and your dad understands that really well. Now that's a good reason to call your dad every day.

14.Tell him he is still your No. 1 hero - Shaktiman, Krish, Junior G, and Avengers come after your No. 1 hero, your dad. We know you still feel it in your heart, but why not express it as you did in your childhood. Call your dad and tell him that he is and will always be your HERO.

15.He Won't Be There Forever - It is how the world operates, and that's life. No one is here to stay forever. You may not miss him too much right now, but you need to remember that he won't be here forever. So, before things go out of your hand, celebrate this fathers day 2022 with special fathers day gifts & make sure to call him day after day and talk about life and happiness with him.