How To Make Homemade Incense With Flowers And Herbs?

Other than the symbolism, natural beauty and distinctive features, flowers are known for their sweet-smelling natural scent. Floral scents are not just something which tends to attract the insects for pollination but also attracts the opposite gender in humans. Considering this significant factor, many perfume brands have promoted their wide range of fragrances across various platforms. Several perfume brands have a different range of floral scents like rose, jasmine, lavender, tuberose, Chinese honeysuckle and other such offline or online flowers. Each of these exclusive fragrances is subtle and has feminine touch, making it perfect to be gifted to someone dear who is a fan of floral scents. But what if we told you that you could make such incense with floral notes and save some of your pence? We know you would love to DIY some homemade incense which is why we bring you this flower blog to help you make some incense with flowers and herbs.

How To Make Homemade Incense With Flowers And Herbs

Materials You Will Need:

● Cotton string
● Flowers & Herbs Of Your Choice
● Scissors
● Heat Resistant Plate
● Cloth Hanger
● Matchbox or Lighter

Materials You Will Need

Herbs That You Can Pick To Make Homemade Incense

● Cedar
● Vanilla
● Thyme
● Lemongrass
● Rosemary
● Chamomile
● Cinnamon
● Eucalyptus
● Lavender
● Bay Leaves
● Sage

Herbs That You Can Pick To Make Homemade Incense

Flowers That You Can Pick To Make Homemade Incense

● Sweet Pea
● Geranium
● Lily
● Lilac
● Freesia
● Jasmine
● Hyacinth
● Gardenia
● Carnation
● Stock
● Rose or Spray Roses

Flowers That You Can Pick To Make Homemade Incense

Let’s Start Making Our Floral Homemade Incense

● Start by preparing these herbs and flowers by cutting the herb stem to about six inches in length. And cut the flower stems between three to six inches. Remove the leaves from the flowers.
● Now assemble the flowers and herbs. Herbs with big leaves make an excellent base for your bundle. So, on top of the herbs, lay your flowers to keep them secure.
● Now cut a long cotton string of about five to eight times longer to your bundle of herbs and flowers.
● Tie this cotton string in the stem area to keep the entire bunch altogether. Towards the shorter side of the bunch, leave about 3 inches of the cotton string untied.
● Securing the bottom, now tie the entire bunch downwards in the opposite direction.
● Now hang this bunch of herbs and flowers upside down in a cloth hanger to dry. Leave this bunch to dry for about 2-3 weeks.
● Find a cool spot with good circulation to hang as many homemade floral incense bundles you wish to prepare.
● After 2-3 weeks, place your herb and flower bunch on a heat resistant plate and light them from one end. Once the bundle starts catching fire, blow it out, let it smoulder and enjoy its fragrance.
● Your incense bundles are ready to evoke the ultimate romance or spirituality in you and your loved ones. It makes even a great addition to your romantic date night setup.

Let’s Start Making Our Floral Homemade Incense

Quite intriguing, isn’t it? Well, try it out on your own to make these homemade incense bundles! If you wonder which florals and herbs would be befitting your mood, then we have got that sorted for you.

● If you wish to calm oneself, then go with lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus incense bundles.
● If you want to energise someone, then go with carnation, mint and sage incense bundle.
● If romance is what you are seeking, then go with rose, lavender and sage incense bundle.
● If you wish to evoke the festive spirit in a person, then go with stock, cinnamon, and bay incense bundle without any hesitation.

Your incense bundles are ready to evoke

Next time, you are figuring, what to gift your loved ones and then giving something unusually pleasing by making a basket full of homemade incense. We are pretty sure that they are sure to fall in love with your unique yet thoughtful gifting gesture

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