How to Move On After Break Up With a Girlfriend?

Love is beautiful. The magical feeling everyone wants to experience. However, the most dreaded part of being in a relationship is a breakup. The antonyms of magical or beautiful are dull, ugly, unpleasant, and that’s exactly how life looks after a breakup or even worse. Those who are lucky enough to have never experienced it won’t know the pain. Those who were unfortunate enough won’t ever wish to feel it again. It is impossible to describe the feeling of a breakup because even while writing about it, our heartaches. Leaving the pain aside will focus on how to move on.

Moving on after break up is essential. You cannot choose to stay stuck in the same abyss. It’s unfair to yourself and the ones who dearly love you. When you go through agony, you experience a mental block. Your sanity vanishes, and then you read this.

How to Move On After Break Up With a Girlfriend?

Accept It

We don’t want to accept things that are disheartening. Basic human nature it is. If you do not accept that a person from your life has gone, you won’t be able to move on. Give yourself time to accept that a relationship has come to an end. Take ample time if you need it, but finally, accept the harsh truth, say to yourself you are better off, good things await you, and move on. Period.


When you don’t mourn the death of a loved one, it is said you are holding all up inside, and it will damage you internally. Similarly, when you detach yourself from the person who was inseparable from you, cry. Mourn and weep to get everything out you are feeling emotional. Explode the love explosion gift box if that is the way to vent out your anger and sadness. You will feel better and find it easy to move on.

Stop Talking About The Person

In the beginning, you will non-stop talk about the person with your friends and relatives to feel a little better. But, once you have let it all out, stop talking. Repeating the same talks won’t do any good to you, and your friends will start distancing you. Next time you talk to them, talk something different, you and they both will feel good.

Avoid Blame Game

Blame Game after a breakup is obvious. Many tend to indulge in it for a long period of time. But, it’s a no if you want to move on. By blaming your partner or yourself for being a fool, you are holding on to negative thoughts that will prevent you from moving on from a relationship.

Take a Lesson

Every episode in life teaches us, even the bad ones. Take a breakup as a learning lesson. Learn the mistakes not to repeat again, learn how to cope up with the circumstance, learn what words or behaviour you should avoid. Evolve as a better person and look at the brighter side.

Picture Yourself Without the Person

There was a time when you can’t picture yourself without him or her. Now, it's the time you picture yourself completely over your ex. If you are able to do this, you will move on. Picture that your life is better off him/her imagine yourself accomplishing goals, having time with friends and family.

Focus On Yourself

Breakup can be termed as a “me-time.” The time to nourish yourself, feed, and focus on what you find enjoyable. Take good care of yourself, take up a hobby or enrol in a class. Boost your self-esteem, pamper yourself, and be happy.

Go slow

It’s a fact you won't be over it in a day or two. You will take time, and you should. Don’t do excessive socializing or partying. You don’t have to come out as desperate that can lead you to another toxic relationship. Enjoy your journey of overcoming.

Hope it helps :)