Top Signs To Know Your Long-Distance Friendship is Doomed

Friendship, like any other relationship, demands to be nurtured with love and care. Friendship is crucial for survival because we all are social creatures. We long to have someone with whom we can share, laugh, and cry. However, it is important to recognize unhealthy friendships, just like insalubrious relationships. There are breakups in friendships, and that is way worse than relationship breakups, trust us.

Friendships don’t just come to an end all of a sudden; there are a lot of red flags throughout the course that we all have been neglecting. How to know your friendship has been doomed? Your friend may cut off with you; you may find it difficult to talk to her/him. If you feel you are stuck in toxic friendships, don’t hesitate to cut them off your life. Do it for your health and mental peace.

Top Signs To Know Your Long-Distance Friendship is Doomed

Here are the signs to know your long-distance friendship is doomed

1.You don’t call/text frequently: Initially, when you or your friend moved to a new city, calls and text were a daily routine. But as time passed, it became once-a-thing, and then, later on, all connections were lost. Slowly, you were unaware of what is happening in their life, and you no longer care to ask. Talking and texting became a burden. It feels awkward.

2.Meeting and hanging up with your friend seems more of a task than a thing of excitement. If you do not prioritize or feel like spending time with your friend, it is a definite sign of a dwindling friendship. Has it become a chore to catch up with your friend? If yes, you and your friend are no longer the same people you used to be in the friendship.

3.Friends don’t judge each other; rather, they judge other people with you. If judgements have been sewn into the fabric of your friendship, sooner or later, it is going to be noxious. You may find it hard to accept each other as you should be because of the judgements, and that’s one sign signalling you to back off.

4.Has your friend dumped you? Oh, yes! We said friendship is like any other romantic relationship. Your long-distance friend may stop calling/texting you. Your calls and texts may go unanswered. Even if you don’t want to, you may lose touch with your friend.

5.There may be a conversation gap between you and your friend. Like, it may seem as if a long-lost friend has suddenly turned up, and you are clueless what now? There may be constant excuses to cancel or delay the plan. Differences of opinions may turn into an argument.

6.You no longer feel the same for your friend for different reasons. You don’t feel excited to talk or know about your friend’s whereabouts. You don’t seem to appreciate them or are concerned about their well-being. The same feeling you experience when you move on from a relationship.

7.When you are kept in the dark, your friend leaves you waiting when you call or text. Lies to you are busy and post hangout stories with other friends. Upon being confronted, your friend comes up with silly excuses.

8.When your friend(s) is always the last to check up on how you are doing, you are always concerned about him/her and the least—no efforts from their side to stay in touch. You are the only one striving hard for the friendship to work.

9.When you or your friend is actively looking for ways and excuses to end the friendship.

10.There was a time you were excited about birthdays and special occasions. You used to send gifts for friends without fail. Now, you hardly remember. It’s mostly the Facebook notifications, and it no longer bothers you that you forgot.

11.Feeling of loneliness when being around your friend.

12.If you feel your friend prefers or likes being around other pals of him/hers rather than you. You are just a formality.

13.In a long-distance friendship, it is understood that you and your friend may make different sets of friends after a period of time. Your interests and notion of friendship may change, and you are friends for just namesake or rather have turned acquaintances.

14.Back Bitching has started. You receive hate more than love.