Ways to propose a girl on WhatsApp

It’s never easy to propose the person you love. You always hold the fear of being rejected as well as being misunderstood in your mind. It’s always tough to decide what to say and how to say to your special person, you wonder if you will say the right thing or your proposal will be at the right time. You may sound sleazy or a bit extra when it was intended just to be flirtatious.

Whatsapp Proposal

Above all this, it’s huge when the proposal is on a chatbox or Whatsapp. Everybody thinks twice when it comes to expressing your love on a chatbox. Even when you are prepared to the core, you still need to be comfortable before calling out for those three words. You don’t know how she will react, all you can do is wait for the answer. So, to express all you have kept so long in the heart you can come bearing propose day gifts for your love. There are many valentine day ideas you will find on Google but here are some of the ideas to propose a girl on WhatsApp:


1- Text At The Very Right Time

Time really is the concern of every conversation. Text her at the time when she will be less indulged in the daily tasks and she is quite free and relaxed. Considering all this, night time is the best time for proposals. She is done with all the daily tasks, no friends or family can see your chats. Moreover, your chances of long and healthy conversations are more at night. They say the person you remember at the time you sleep is the one you love, she will think about you when she goes to bed.

2- Keep Your Messages Short

Make sure that you don’t bore her with lengthy messages. Start the conversation with a ‘hello’, it’s possible that she will ask about your day. Rather than explaining each and every second reply with ‘It was fine’ or ‘Had a tiring day’ or something short. This will definitely increase her curiosity and she will ask more about it. Your conversation will be less boring.

Keeping your messages short and clear will never bore her. But also keep in mind that explain the needed convos, don’t always speak less. This will make her think that you are not interested and she might end the conversation. Keep yourself and her comfortable and everything will go just fine.

3- Don’t Sound Desperate

This is where you need to pay a lot of attention. Be flirty, not desperate. Girls are too fast to judge everybody’s intentions but there are times when they fail. The more you look desperate, the lesser are the chances of acceptance of your proposal. Make sure that you reply to her messages at the right intervals, don’t stick to your phone always. Find the best reply and then text her back. Be original and prevent exaggerations, this will make up your bond. Respect her private space and try to make her mood every time she is upset.

4- Compliments Work

Who doesn’t like compliments? We all do and especially girls. It’s natural to feel good when someone says something good about you. So, the best you can do to impress her is to compliment her. Note her favorite hobbies and praise her little things, keep her mind and heart engaged with you. Talk about things she likes, her achievements. You can compliment her beauty, her hair, her skin and yes her body. But don’t exaggerate, she will feel you are just flattering. Your words said at the right time will always make her fall for you and she will obviously pay attention to whatever you say.

5- Avoid Dirty Talks

Keep in mind that she is not your girl till now. So, be clear about everything you say. You can message her in a bit flirty way but don’t talk dirty. Girls don’t like guys who talk dirty so soon, so give her time and win her heart first.

Since it’s just a start, keep your words clean and make her feel lovable. She will be impressed with the little efforts you make, try indulging her presence in every situation. To add some fun, you can tease her a bit or create a fun situation that will make her happy. Try not to cross the line between flirty and desperate. You will win her heart just with little care of the right words and timing.

6- Put A WhatsApp Status

Oh, it’s difficult to propose the love of your life on chats, but something better you could think is a cute status. You can find the most pretty proposal post, an online love letter or a love quote that fits best to both of you. Tag her on the status and show your love.

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