How To Tie Rakhi Step By Step?

Raksha Bandhan's celebration is a well-deserved glorification of a bond that brothers and sisters share as it is unlike any other relationship. The tradition that has its roots deep in our Indian history of cultures and divinity of Avatars of Gods and Goddesses is still on the same track, and that defines our love for the core values.

The celebration of relations that we have in our life is something that the world should learn from us, and the Raksha Bandhan festival is made to the notice of the world population every year.

How to tie a rakhi step by step is in search because people around the globe are understanding and adopting the festivity of Raksha Bandhan for a love brother-sister bond.

How To Tie Rakhi Step By Step

  • It is always important to know about the Shubh Muhurat of tying Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan as the festival follows an Indian calendar that includes the movement of celestial bodies.
  • A festival should be celebrated in its true essence, and so the attire on occasion matters a lot. It should be an Indian attire which includes Dhoti Kurta for men and Saree/Suit for women. You can wear anything, but the attire lets us have the real vibes of a festive occasion.
  • You should know that a Rakhi thali is the most crucial element before knowing about how to tie a rakhi. You can take any Thali. Start by resting a Swastika symbol on it using Turmeric Powder or Sindoor. The rakhi thali must include Raw Rice, Sindoor, Gangajal, Sweets, and a beautiful rakhi thread. You can buy designer rakhi thali online if you want.
  • It is also important to know what kind of rakhis would be the best. For a brother who is in his teenage years, you can get a Superhero rakhi. For your brother, who is below thirteen years, you can buy cartoon rakhi. If you want a rakhi set for Bhaiya and Bhabhi, you should look for a Lumba rakhi online.
  • Tika ceremony is done before tying Rakhi. The Sindoor and Raw Rice are applied on the forehead of the brothers, sisters, and Bhabhi.
  • The rakhi thread is tied on the right-hand wrist of the brothers and the left-hand wrist of the sisters and Bhabhi.
  • The sweet dish is offered by the sister to her brother, sister, and her Bhabhi to mark the sweetness of the relationship and the sweet celebrations of Raksha Bandhan.
  • A gift for the sister from the brother ends the traditional rakhi celebration.
  • And the occasion is enjoyed over dance, music, food, and gossip throughout the day.

A rakhi is just a thread but made special with the love and care of a sister. While a divine Mauli Thread can be used as Rakhi, sisters love to buy designer rakhis as they want them to be special and stylish for their brothers.

How to tie Lumba Rakhi is seen as a genuine question because a Lumba Rakhi doesn't have the same ends of threads. The Latkan of Lumba Rakhi should move with the movement of hands, and so the knot should be a few centimetres above the starting point of Latkan.

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