How to Write on Birthday Cake in Creative Way

Do you remember how you learned writing your ABCs as a child? Well, I guess we all know the struggle writing on the dotted dots. It’s the same with the cake writing. If you have ever seen someone writing on a cake, you must have noticed how precisely they do it without any mistake. If you are the one who has spent his life ordering birthday cake online or baking, decorating the cake, the last thing you want is to not ruin the writing part.

How To Write On Cake

To become a competent cake writer, you must imitate the lessons you learned as a child while learning to write your ABCs. Trace the letter repeatedly with a full piping bag on the parchment taped on various alphabet primers. This will help you measure the correct flow, pressure and angle required for fully formed letters.

We would go ahead and share some of the basic steps on how to write on the cake and also some expert tips. But first here are the tools and ingredients you need:-

• Piping Bag and Tips

• Small straight spatula

• Toothpicks

• Medium for writing ( chocolate, piping gel, buttercream, royal icing, or fondant)

• Templates

• Parchment paper

To be a precise cake writer, follow these tips for writing on cake;

1. Fill the fitted piping bag with a fine tip

Fit a piping bag with fine tip and fill it with room temperature melted chocolate, coloured frosting or piping gel. You can use any type of piping bag or parchment cone to write on the cake. But, using a smaller size parchment cone gives you a much better grip.

Fill the fitted piping bag with a fine tip

2. Mark each word with a toothpick

Using a toothpick, mark the beginning and end of each word in a straight line. This will help in keeping you focused when you start the pipe.

Mark each word with a toothpick

3. Trace Letters

Using the same toothpick, trace the letters in the frosting.

4. Use Melted Chocolate to Write on the cake

Now we have a cone ready; We will definitely need a medium with which we write. Chocolate is something that is readily available and can be easily melted and used, compared to other mediums.

A major reason to recommend chocolate is that it is not sticky in nature. Liquidity helps it flow easily which makes it easier for us to direct the flow.

Use Melted Chocolate to Write on the cake

5. Practice Piping on a plate first

Practice a few letters on a plate or other clean surface before you pipe directly onto the cake. In this way, you will become comfortable with the piping bag and will know how much pressure you require while writing.

A simple trick can really make your writing stand out. For example, write the first letter of each word. H for Happy, B for Birthday or A for Anniversary. You can write the letter slightly larger and prominent than the rest of the letters. Also, try to give it a slightly stylish look by writing differently.

Practice Piping on a plate first

6. Write on the cake

Use your non-writing hand to stabilize the bag as you pipe over the letters you print. Once you have practised your font, it is time to write on the cake. Begin by imagining a cake cut into four pieces with straight, vertical and horizontal lines. If you need to center your letters, count the number of letters in your phrase, such as:

• Happy: 5 characters

• Birthday: 8 letters

Write on the cake

This means that the first "P" in Happy is the center letter for that word and that the "T" and "H" divide the center in the birthday. When writing in print, it is best to center the letters first.

After that, start finishing the ends of the word starting from the top. (So ​​for "Happy," you would first write in the order "p, p, y".). Now it is time to write the letter which is going to the left of the center letter. (To end the word "Happy," you would write "A" then "H".). This is how you can improve your creative writing on birthday cake.

If you have followed these tips, you can relax about the writing part and wait for the moment when the knife cuts right through your message, and you will get delicious, perfectly hands-on written cakes. Or, if you are still struggling writing on the cake simply order cake online and you will be relieved.