Dazzle Up a Summer Wedding with Beautiful Flower Decore

Summer wedding flowers bring out clear skies and warm radiant days loaded up with strong aromas. Rich yellows, brilliant greens and exquisite purples pay homage to this joyful season of summer. The time for weddings in the summer is one of the most ideal here in India because the weather is perfect for outdoor weddings. If you or your loved ones are planning for a summer wedding, then you will be surprised and pleased to know that there are some exotic flowers available in warmer months. You can go for wedding decorations with flowers and can add charm to the venue with blooming flowers. Some of the most popular summer wedding flowers include :

Dazzle Up a Summer Wedding with Beautiful Flower Decore

1. Dahlias

One of the most symmetrical blossom assortments around, Dahlias are a completely flawless flower known for their delicate ruffled petals and rainbow colours. They are accessible in yellow, red and white as well as tones of peach and pink. The flowers are additionally perfect for bouquets and arrangements.

Dahlias Flower Wedding Arrangements

2. Lotus

A delicate water plant that can take the beauty of any place to the next level. The bright pink and white colours of the exotic flower prefer shade and are one of the most integral parts of the Hindu wedding ceremonies. The petals of the flower open in the dawn and then start closing from the afternoon, getting completely closed till dusk.

Lotus Flower Wedding Arrangements

3. Rose

This woody enduring summer bloom has tunes and paeans written on it. It is a blossom of affection and enthusiasm, love and appreciation, and it has a unique ability to communicate feelings that so many words can't express. Available in yellow, red, and white, roses can add colourful charm to the wedding occasion, making it a perfect pick for wedding flower arrangements.

Rose Flower Wedding Arrangements

4. Daisy

Daisy is a traditional wedding flower available in various assortments and hues that are usually used by people for different decorations. The appeal of daisies is just amazing for rustic and vintage affairs. In case you are having a vintage themed summer wedding, then the dazzling daisies would be a perfect choice for the floral arrangements, bouquets and centrepieces at the wedding hall.

Daisy Flower Wedding Arrangements

5. Hibiscus

The delicate and beautiful hibiscus blossoms are the signature bloom of subtropical locales. If you look carefully, it is hard to locate a tropical work of art that doesn't have a lady with this blossom meshed in her hair. The undying beauty of this flower makes it a perfect pick for the summer wedding venue.

Hibiscus Flower Wedding Arrangements

6. Lavender

Fragrant lavender is the ideal flower pick for those arranging a typical natural, vintage wedding. We love lots of lavender tied with twine, swung from chairs in the wedding hall or shown in clear glass bottles for a basic wedding centrepiece. The flowers can be easily bought from any shop and stay fresh for a long time.

Lavender Flower Wedding Arrangements

7. Hydrangea

Probably the most mind-blowing decorative designs we've seen have been with feathery hydrangeas! Regardless of whether they are blended in with different assortments or kept directly in a bouquet, hydrangeas are incredibly versatile and make any floral arrangement look full and rich. You can decorate them in a tall jar or little glass containers to make the style of the wedding scene look eye-catching and magical.

Hydrangea Wedding Arrangements

8. Amaranthus

Blossoming in profound green and burgundy, Amaranthus is a trailing flower ideal for bringing a textural component into wedding flower arrangements. We love this bloom for unstructured and loose decorative designs. You can even combine it with different flowers and can incorporate it in any arrangement for a fresh and lively look.

Amaranthus Wedding Arrangements

9. Lilies

Try not to be deceived by the fragile look of lilies since this blossom sets up an intense battle and withstand outrageous climate conditions. In winter, the plant shrinks and leaves wilts, yet the bulbs stay alive however dormant. These bulbs give you blossoms in the following season. Combine the blossoms with roses or orchids and your guests will witness a mesmerizing look.

Lilies Wedding Arrangements

10. Sunflower

There can't be a better summer blossom than this. This is a flower that follows the sun all over! What's more, summer sun in India, as we all know, can be very overwhelming and unforgiving. This excellent bloom has a brilliant yellow shading and will give your wedding canvas a vibrant appeal.

Sunflower Wedding Arrangements

So, these are some of the best summer wedding flowers! Add charm to the wedding decorations with flowers and let your guests have an eye-soothing view at the wedding venue.